Disturbing NEW QUESTIONS About the Biden Crime Family Arise


Joe Biden and his family have an image they like to project to the world.

That image is of a regular American family just doing their best who all love their grandpa Joe.

It sounds pretty great really.

But under the surface there are more and more cracks arising. And the latest one is truly bizarre.

Questions Surround Joe Biden’s Granddaughter…

Questions are coming up around Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden. She’s Hunter’s oldest child via marriage and she’s getting married.

That’s great, and congratulations to her. White House weddings happen when one of the Presidents’ family gets hitched.

But the issue is a little stranger than that. The issue isn’t that the Bidens will celebrate nuptials at the White House, the issue is that Naomi lives at the White House. 

She’s reportedly been staying there along with her fiance Peter Neal, who she plans to say “I do” to this coming Saturday.

Neal, a true Clinton insider, will be marrying into a powerful family with all sorts of issues, one of them being why it houses its relatives at the White House.

Why Does This Matter?

The reason this matters is not just about Biden helping out his Clinton son-in-law to be and his granddaughter. It’s about the ongoing issues surrounding Hunter and the conflicts of interest.

That’s not to mention his whoring, drug use and shady deals with various of America’s enemies.

We now know that Biden turned a blind eye to illegal activities Hunter was doing and even helped him try to milk money out of various foreign partnerships.

We even know that Hunter was deeply saddled with money from a Russian oligarch, the wife of the former Moscow mayor. This is no small potatoes, and it’s a whole lot of malarkey.

No Malarkey?

So far the Biden regime has been nothing but malarkey, contrary to campaign promises. So much for all the empty rhetoric.

Now we can just pay for his granddaughter to live in the White House long-term?

I mean, there is space for guests including 16 guest rooms, but it’s not a place where you shack up for months with your Clinton-inner-circle fiance and get a pat on the back from Joe.

How long has Naomi actually been there? Nobody’s quite sure, but at least since early October. That sounds like more than a guest to me.

Is it illegal? No. Is it unethical? Highly.

The Bottom Line

Joe Biden is a rogue president who thinks he can do anything he wants and never get in trouble. He’s surrounded by enablers and handlers who take advantage of his age and generosity to milk as much money from taxpayers as possible and abuse the office of the presidency.