Door Locks and Brave Police Officer Stops a School Attacker


As Democrats continue to milk the Uvalde shooting incident to rant about “assault weapons” and “common-sense gun regulations,” another school was targeted on Thursday, but it will not make the news. 

This is because Walnut Park Elementary School in Gadsden, Alabama had no victims, other than the would-be intruder.

The intruder was shot and killed by police after attempting and failing to break into the facility. Here’s what supposedly transpired…

Observant and Quick Response

A passerby observed a man “aggressively” attempting to enter the school. Unsuccessful, the man attempted numerous more doors, all of which were barred. A vigilant observer reported the man.

The school administrator placed the building on lockup and summoned a police officer who serves as a school resource officer, who then requested backup. If the accounts are accurate, the chain of command ran well, due to decisive action and swift protocol adherence. 

The resource officer allegedly confronted the intruder, who reportedly also attempted to forcibly enter a designated police vehicle and steal the officer’s weapon.

The perpetrator was shot and killed as additional police officers came to the area to assist. According to the city’s school superintendent, the present students “seemed oblivious” the incident had occurred.

In other words, a man who “aggressively” attempted to break into a school and steal a police officer’s pistol was thwarted because the doors were securely locked; the law enforcement officers moved with courage and urgency. 

This is intriguing. As according to Joe Biden’s failed candidate for president, Beto O’Rourke, Matthew McConaughey, and Jimmy Kimmel, anti-gun laws are the only way to stop school and mass shootings.

Laws that infringed on the 2nd Amendment are called “common-sense legislation,” so they don’t seem so bad.

Real Solutions

In spite of the fact the Uvalde killer had no trouble passing a background investigation, entered through an open front door, and evaded police officers for a horrendously long time, such individuals assert nothing else would suffice. 

Leftists and the corporate press lambasted Texas Senator Ted Cruz for focusing on school doors in his response to the Uvalde murder.

This may have been averted by improved school security measures, such as closed doors and a single point of access.

The Atlantic’s Molly Jong-Fast mocked on Twitter, “[Senator] Ted Cruz comes out strongly against doors.” 

Meanwhile, no one on the left wishes to discuss the criminal shortcomings of Uvalde police and the Department of Public Safety.

If they had done their duty, instead of waiting outside like morons for the greater part of an hour, lives would have been saved without question.

Additionally, if Democrats succeed in disarming law-abiding citizens, the only remaining protection will be armed government personnel, who may or may not have the bravery actually to assist anyone. 

On Thursday in Alabama, police had the bravery to act; as a result, lives were spared. However, Democrats and their media lapdogs will not discuss Walnut Park Elementary because it destroys their “do something” anti-gun argument. 

To keep children safe, it turns out celebrity speeches and extensive gun control are unnecessary. We only require locked doors and responsible adults.


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