Elon Musk Revealed the True Power Centers of the Democratic Party


Elon Musk, who recently voted for a Republican candidate in the Texas election, exposed the true epicenter of power in the Democrat Party.

The world’s richest man suggested different labor unions control Democrats, as they dictate the liberal lawmakers and the White House in policy making.

Unions Control the Democrat Party

Speaking in a Tesla interview, Musk expressed his beliefs regarding the Democrat Party.

He indicated the party has deep relationships with labor unions. Tesla was excluded from a White House electric vehicles event just because it is not unionized.

According to Musk, the general public is unaware of the extent to which unions control the Democrat Party.


So, Musk continued, there is no need to “speculate” about the role of unions in influencing important decisions of Democrats, as this is an absolute fact.

Neither Tesla nor SpaceX is unionized, which often brings Musk and top Democratic leadership to crossroads.

The multi-billionaire established his companies do not support unions, due to the issue of “negative unemployment” in the Bay area, where workers of these companies have multiple job offers every time.

While exposing Democrats’ hypocrisy, Musk asserted Tesla, which makes almost 66% of electric cars in the United States, was not allowed to participate in a White House electric vehicle summit.

On the other hand, Musk told the interviewer that another electric vehicle company, United Auto Workers (UAW), was invited to the summit.

UAW is heavily controlled by labor unions and has closer ties with both political parties.

Thus, Musk established these ambitions of the White House expose their connections with the powerful unions of the country.

Musk Exposed Biden’s Hypocrisy

Musk also lambasted Biden for his extreme hypocrisy in praising small companies for electric vehicle production.

When Biden appreciated Mary Barra, who is the General Motors CEO, he pursued a “next-level insanity” since GM only delivered 26 electric vehicles in a single quarter, Musk added.

These comments of Musk came in the wake of rising connections between Democrats and unions, especially with the advancement of the progressive faction of the party.

In fact, the Center for American Progress Action Fund found voters belonging to different unions disproportionately voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential elections, which helped him in clinching the White House.

This was true even for white voters older than 50 years old, who were mostly inclined toward the Republican Party otherwise.

Musk, who has long voted for Democrats, recently announced he will vote for Republicans in the upcoming elections.

After his announcement, he already voted for a GOP candidate in South Texas, which helped her in winning a historically Democratic seat.

Furthermore, Musk also stated he supports Republican potential candidate Ron DeSantis for the 2024 presidential run.

While praising Musk’s decision, DeSantis announced later that he welcomes the support of “African Americans,” since Musk was born in South Africa.


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