Elon Musk Unveils His Choice For POTUS in 2024


The surprising news that Republican Mayra Flores will represent the 34th district of Texas came through on Tuesday and the GOP cheered.

This Latina conservative flipped a district red in the Rio Grande Valley that hasn’t been Republican since the 1800s.

The special election was held to fill the seat of former Congresswoman Filemon Vela, who vacated her seat earlier in the year to go work for a lobbying firm in Washington.

One of those who was proud to vote for Flores and help her win the seat is billionaire inventor Elon Musk. The South African-born entrepreneur said it’s the first time he’s voted Republican, but he was proud to do so.

He also weighed in about his thoughts on who he wants for president in 2024.

Musk Weighs in on 2024

Musk said previously, he voted for Democrats, but the party has become full of “division and hate.” Therefore, he can’t stomach casting a ballot for them.

Still, now that he’s a Republican voter, Musk is being discerning with his choices. He picked Flores because she’s a pro-business and pro-American candidate with a positive message for Americans of all backgrounds.

Musk made it clear that he wants to bring the country together. He wants to look forward to great things, instead of the kind of far left psychopathy that’s being generated out of the far left and tearing the country apart.

For that reason, Musk says 2024 is a time he hopes for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to become president.

DeSantis has not yet announced a run. He says he’s very “focused on 2022” and getting reelected. Nonetheless, hearing Musk’s comment, DeSantis said he always likes getting a thumbs up from “African Americans.”

Musk’s Political History

Musk is an unorthodox person who can’t be easily labeled in any political category. He says he voted for Andrew Yang in the last presidential election, but this time around, DeSantis would have a “better chance.”

Some of Musk’s past statements have shown him to be more of a libertarian, but then he also has a conservative and more traditional streak as well.

It’s clear that he’s a guy who likes to think big and likes politics to leave room for discussion, growth, invention, and success.

He’s picked up on the negative and hate-filled vibration coming out of the Democrat Party. Musk is not impressed by it, so he’s switching over to a party that’s more about making America great, and less about tearing it down.

DeSantis 2024?

Many analysts agree there’s a good chance DeSantis will run in 2024. He is reportedly seeing how large a margin of victory he can get in his re-election efforts in Florida this year.

If he wins and wins big, there’s no reason to think we couldn’t see a DeSantis 2024 presidency.


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