Fact Check: Lauren Boebert Wasn’t an Escort, Had No Abortion


CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale busted leftist rumors which suggested conservative Congresswoman Lauren Boebert had two abortions, worked as an escort, and offered her services on a “sugar daddy” platform.

These rumors were sponsored by American Muckrakers PAC, a super PAC associated with the Democrat Party.

Fact Check: Liberal PAC’s Smear Campaign Against Boebert

According to American Muckrakers PAC, the Koch family, which is a notable group in the American business and political landscape, hired Boebert as an escort.

Eventually, the Kochs introduced Boebert to the conservative senator Ted Cruz, as per the rumors.

However, left-leaning fact-checker Daniel Dale noted a co-founder of the PAC, David Wheeler, told him these claims were “indeed inaccurate.”

Still, Dale continued, the PAC argues the “main points” of the allegations are true. So, the fact-checker noted the PAC has no evidence to prove its “so-called main points” have any credibility.

Dale stated the super PAC posted a photo of a random girl sitting on a bed “in a tight dress” and claimed the lady in the photo was Boebert.


An anonymous source of the PAC added the group got this photo from suggardaddymeet.com, an online sugar dating platform.

Though Dale mentioned the girl in the photo was not Lauren Boebert, as another woman told him the photo belonged to her.

When Wheeler argued the woman in question was lying to be in the photo, she provided other photos of herself in the same dress, Dale claimed.

Likewise, the website sugardaddymeet.com also revealed it had no record of the conservative lawmaker. 

Eventually, Wheeler himself acknowledged the woman in the photo was not Boebert, according to Dale.

Democrats’ Below-the-Belt Attacks

In addition to that, the super PAC also claimed Boebert, who is a staunch pro-life advocate, had an abortion in 2004.

Dale, however, noted she gave birth to a son in 2005, which suggests the PAC’s proposed date does not make sense at all. 

When Dale pointed this out to Wheeler, he acknowledged the error of his organization, once again claiming it was a “typo” on their social media page.

The wheeler-led group also accused Boebert of receiving $136,250 from Sen. Ted Cruz after she was introduced to him as an escort. She used that money for her successful election campaign in 2019, the bogus rumors continued.

Though Dale noted that Boebert herself denied she was ever an escort. She also said she did not meet Cruz until 2020 when she won her primary elections.

Another misleading allegation by the PAC was that Boebert did not report a $70,500 campaign donation from Ted Cruz when she did report it actually. 

Previously, the same PAC leaked compromising videos of another conservative lawmaker, Madison Cawthorn.

Boebert’s lawyer already stated the congresswoman will seek legal action against the PAC.


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