Far-Left Running Expensive Ads to Stop Biden’s Second Term

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

A rebellion within the Democrat Party is rapidly mounting as a far-left group is spending tens of thousands of dollars on an advertisement to stop Biden from running again in 2024.

This marks the first formal attempt of a liberal group which is now using donors’ money against its own party’s leadership.

Radical Left Group Running Six-Figure Ad to Stop Biden 

RootsAction, a radically left group, announced it is running an ad campaign to stop Joe Biden from campaigning in 2024.

The group, which claims to galvanize people regarding economic fairness, civil rights, and environment protection, used the hashtag #DontRunJoe in its announcement, adding that Biden is “neither proactive nor inspiring.”

Similarly, the radical group asserted the possibility of Biden winning the next election remains bleak, so he should not run again for the presidency.

The group also launched its new website, DontRunJoe.org, which is pushing liberal voters to register and campaign to sideline Biden.

According to the website, the organization will start rigorous anti-Biden campaigning on November 9, 2022, a day after the midterm elections.

As per the FAQ section of the group’s website, many activists in the Democrat Party want to “dump Biden,” just like some stakeholders “dump(ed) Johnson” in 1967.

Nearly 1.2 million email subscribers will start a nationwide movement that will eventually oust the president, the group added.

Jeff Cohen, a co-founder of the group, stated Biden is “dithering” away, amid the “palpable frustration” from ignoring progressives’ demands.

Moderate Democrats, the far-left organization noted, are the primary reason for the lack of action on climate, student debt, and social spending bills.

These were supposed to be the benchmarks to gauge the loyalty of Democratic lawmakers.

Democrats’ Intra-Party Rebellion at its Peak

While many Democrats were already turning against Biden verbally, this marks the first notable attempt by a prominent activist group to use Democratic donors’ money against a Democratic president who has repeatedly announced to rerun in 2024.

The website also mentions the headlines of multiple newspapers, which call Biden to sit out 2024 for the greater good of the Democrat Party.

RootsAction then touted its own efforts to help Biden in winning the White House in 2020. According to the group, Biden only won the election due to the efforts of grassroots organizations, including RootsAction.

However, the liberal organization established “a president is not his party’s king,” so he should distance himself from a second term in the White House before liberal groups start giving him a fight. 

Most Democrats oppose Biden’s second term to protect their own political careers; voters can remove them from Congress, due to Biden’s poor performance.

As per a New York Times poll released this Monday, almost 66% of Democratic voters want to see someone other than Biden at the helm of the party.


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