Fauci Makes a Fool of Himself While Quitting His Job


On Tuesday, November 22, Dr. Anthony Fauci called it quits, and left his public position in America’s healthcare system and advising Joe Biden.

There have been so many ups and downs and many serious questions remain about the origin of COVID-19 and Fauci’s response to it.

As usual, Fauci managed to make a fool of himself.

He had one job: quit his position and leave with grace, but like everything else he just couldn’t do it without some embarrassment and nonsense.

Fauci Flubs Questions

While Fauci tried to answer one of the questions about vaccine mandate and talk about his performance as a scientist on the subject, he was interrupted by Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary.

Jean-Pierre soon intervened, took over from the pulpit, because the room was in chaos and it was getting hard for Fauci to talk.

A reporter, in particular, got Jean-Pierre’s attention because he kept asking questions in a loud manner, interrupting Fauci.

She stared him down and said that everyone interrupting Fauci with questions was disturbing the process of the press conference.

You get that?

This guy is supposed to be allowed to just say whatever he wants after completely failing to protect America from a pandemic and lying hundreds of times.

Jean-Pierre Goes Berserk

Jean-Pierre added that he was not giving these people the opportunity to talk and that if he continued to act the same way he would be wasting everyone’s time including Fauci.

She concluded by saying that there was not going to be in this game of interruptions with the reporter.

This journalist was obviously trying to make a name for himself and get in a question with the big guy, but it didn’t go well.

That’s always been the feeling of journalists who can’t get a front-row seat in the presidential briefing room.

The ignored journalists are usually the ones who have the most embarrassing questions for the top authorities.

And was Jean-Pierre really bothered by the screams or the questions these reporters were asking?

Most of those who were ignored were those who questioned the origin of COVID.

If you question the narrative you get shut down, as usual.

Bye Bye, Tony

Tony Fauci’s departure from the government comes after he devoted 54 years to the public sector.

Now 81 years old, Fauci dedicated more than half of his life to his career.

In his farewell, Fauci made a point of emphasizing the importance of more people getting the vaccine as we head into the winter.

He also said that science is more important than politics and advised everyone to be careful at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We still don’t even know where COVID came from, but Fauci, at least, is gone.