FEDEX DRIVER ARRESTED In Heinous Crime Against Young Girl


This is one of those news stories that nobody wants to read, but it’s important to show just how dangerous it’s getting out there for our kids.

A recent abduction in Paradise, Texas had set the community on edge after Athena Strand, 7, went missing from her home.

For several days all alerts were issued and authorities rallied together. But on Friday the worst news possible was delivered to Strand’s family.

Strand Found Dead, Fedex Driver Confesses

Strand’s dead body was discovered on Friday and 31-year-old Tanner Lynn Horner was arrested. A Fedex driver with no criminal record, Horner reportedly confessed to abducting and murdering the young girl.

He told authorities where to find her body after confessing and is now being held in jail on $1.5 million in bond.

Horner has no criminal record, but a look into his past show that he has been accused of rape by various young women in the past.

He is now charged with first degree murder and kidnapping.

This never led to charges, however, and his accusers are now coming forward furiously pointing out that them being ignored allowed this monster to walk free.

An accused serial rapist with no criminal record driving a delivery truck is every parent’s nightmare, and it came tragically true in Paradise, Texas for the Strand family.

Sheriff Says County Has Evidence Against Horner

According to Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin, police have “digital evidence” that Horner did indeed commit the crime.

Strand was kidnapped from her room last Wednesday shortly after Horny delivered a package to the Strand home.

Her body was found nearby in the small town of Boyd.

The small community near Fort Worth, Texas has been devastated by the killing and it’s 475 people are disgusted by this horrific murder. Police say they are unaware of Horner’s potential motive for the crime.

Akin did say the “confession” by Horner is credible and the FBI has noted that Fedex is cooperating fully with the investigation.

Special Agent James Dwyer of the FBI described immense “shock and sorrow” at the senseless murder and said the entire Dallas team is thinking of the Strand family during this horrifically difficult time.

How To Stay Safe

This crime is a red alert to all parents and families of young kids. It’s crucial to remember that delivery drivers, food delivery people and others are strangers. Having them near your house does potentially present some danger to your kids, so always watch them and be careful.

In terms of criminal justice, the numerous rape accusations against Horner show a broken criminal justice system. These accusations should have been taken much more seriously, especially since they were against minors.

America must begin instituting much stricter penalties for sexual crimes and doing much more to protect our kids.