FIFA Head Gives Vile Anti-Western Tirade ahead of Qatar-Paid World Cup


Gianni Infantino, the head of international soccer body FIFA, has delivered a vicious tirade against Western nations on the eve of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

It came as he sought to fend off well-founded criticism over numerous scandals and controversies surrounding both the host country and the tournament.

New Venue for Accusing West of ‘Racism’ and All The Usual Stupid Nonsense

As the soccer World Cup was about to kick off on Sunday in the tiny, oil-rich Arab nation with an abysmal human rights record, the FIFA President, who is from Switzerland, gave a “passionate defense” of Qatar, as cited by AFP.

However, Infantino’s tirade against Western Civilization was packed with historical lies and Marxist-Communist clichés in the best traditions of the former Soviet Union and today’s wokeist and transgenderist American progressivists.

Paradoxically, though, the FIFA head’s attack on Western nations was designed to defend Qatar from criticism precisely over its lack of rights and freedoms of women, LGBT people, and immigrant workers, the very groups that lefty propaganda claims to defend.

According to the report by AFP, an international left-leaning news agency, the Western human rights criticism of Qatar ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup has caused the “visible annoyance of organizers.”

Leftist Twitter users circulate estimates that more than 6,000 migrant workers died in Qatar in accidents during the construction of the stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Qatar is a near-absolute monarchy run by an emir with executive, legislative, and judiciary powers. It has a population of 2.6 million, of which only 300,000 are Qatari citizens, while 2.3 million are migrants.

Qatar’s officials have already been hitting back at Western criticism of human rights by accusing the West of “double standards” and “racism” and claiming their country is a Middle East pioneer in work safety and improved working conditions for immigrant workers.

FIFA, the world soccer federation, has a long history of being tangled in massive controversies over alleged corruption and collaboration with dictatorships.

Big Soccer Money Lines Up Behind Globalism

Speaking in his opening press conference for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar’s capital Doha on Saturday, FIFA chief Gianni Infantino went ballistic against Qatar’s critics.

Infantino blasted the “moral lesson-giving” from Western nations towards Qatar as “just hypocrisy.”

The top soccer official in the world sought to defend the Arab monarchy from “profoundly, profoundly unjust” criticism, even as he claimed that he didn’t want to “give” “any lessons of life.”

The FIFA President even went so far as to insist that the “Europeans” needed to spend “the next 3,000 years” “apologizing” for what they have been doing in the “last 3,000 years.”

He was likely referring to European colonialism hated so much by the Marxist-Communists of the world – never mind that this only emerged about 500 years ago, that its effects and consequences are debatable at best, and that non-Europeans have been attacking and victimizing Europe – the cradle of Western Civilizations – for many thousands of years earlier.

Infantino’s claims about Western nations causing evil in the world for the past 3,000 years wasn’t just wildly wrong, but they went even beyond the wildest allegations of Soviet or present-day Marxist-Communists who have only been attacking Western capitalism and imperialism – the one that gave birth to freedom, human rights, and democracy – from the past several hundred years at most.

The FIFA President’s Qatar World Cup rant then took an even more bizarre turn since, after defending the Qatari monarchy, he declared himself in support of the very communities victimized by it.

Infantino stated that he felt “Qatari, Arab, African, gay, disabled, and a migrant worker” – emphasizing each one of those categories.