Four Dangerous Inmates Escape From Virginia Prison


The commonwealth of Virginia is currently in a state of high alert after the escape of four dangerous inmates from prison.

The escape occurred on Saturday afternoon from the Petersburg Federal Complex in Hopewell, Virginia. The prison has confirmed the escape of four inmates.

Hopewell is located about a 20-minute drive south of Richmond, VA. Without wasting any time, the police began to hunt the fugitives and a national manhunt is now on.

Who Escaped?

A climate of fear settled throughout the complex and in the city. As usual, every night, there is an internal security sweep of the penitentiary. That’s how guards noticed the prisoners were missing.

It is not clear at this time how they escaped or to what extent they worked together or not. Escaping from prison is clearly very rare and is supposed to be impossible.

Did they work together to pay off guards or get help from the outside? That is still all under investigation.

The escaped inmates are Kareem Allen Shaw, 46, Lamonte Rashaw Willis, 30, Tavares Lajuane Graham, 44, and Crey Branch.

In a statement, the prison said they are on high alert and investigating details of how the escape occurred. They also said several law enforcement agencies have been notified, including the FBI and the United States Federal Marshal Service.

The men’s prison at the Federal Penitentiary Complex in Petersburg is minimum security and currently has 185 inmates.

Police Issue Alert

The inmates are described as follows:

  • Kareem Allen Shaw: black male, 1.8m tall, weighs 167 kilos, brown eyes, and black hair. Detention time: a little over 16 years. Crime: conspiracy and intent to sell large quantities of heroin
  • Lamonte Rashaw Willis: black male, 1.80m tall, weighs 165 kilos, brown eyes.
    Detention time: 18 years. Crime: possession and concealment of firearm.
  • Tavares Lajuane Graham: black male, 1.8m tall, weighs 245 kilos, brown eyes.
    Detention time: 10 years. Crime: possession and intent to sell drugs; possession of firearms and drug trafficking.
  • Crey Branch: black man, 1.8m tall, weighs 200 kilos, brown eyes, and black hair. Detention time: just over 13 years. Crime: possession and intent to distribute drugs; possession of a firearm.

As some on social media have joked, these drug-dealing thugs should head to New York or other progressive states where they’ll find the zero bail laws and “reform” to their liking.

America is in the process of being soft on crime, but it looks like these men got quite heavy sentences for their crimes. There’s no doubt they won’t want to be going back behind bars again.

Keep Your Eyes Open

If you see any of these men or have any relevant information that may assist in the capture of the fugitives, please call the United States Federal Service immediately at (804)545-8501.

These men are convicted drug dealers and armed criminals who may be violent if apprehended.


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