GAME OVER for President Trump?


The election storm in these midterms brought attention to the Mar-a-Lago man and his ongoing quest to launch his 2024 presidential bid with a bang.

Trump Falling Out With Fellow Republicans

Donald Trump has been accused of nominating eccentric people and then exploiting campaign events to hype his future presidential declaration.

In fact, Republican legislators claim that these self-indulgent gatherings cost them Senate and House seats since many ordinary Republicans and independents have had enough of Trump and his bizarre train.

The third attempt should prove successful. Since his election in 2016, Trump has reportedly aided Republicans in losing the House in 2018 and the White House and Senate in 2020.

Now it appears that he has saved Democrats from the customary midterm thrashing; according to Democrats, Republicans are on the verge of losing the majority in the House, and their chances of taking control of the Senate are dwindling.

Let’s not mince words here: Trump is cancer for his party.

Polls revealed that even a significant number of Joe Biden detractors voted Democratic, indicating that Trump weariness has actually set in. The situation is so dire that the Murdoch corporation has flipped on its former blonde son.

Ivanka and Jared Are Out…

CNN’s Kate Bennett reports that Ivanka and Jared are no longer desire to be a part of a Trump administration.

Even ardent Laura Ingraham seems to have turned on her old hero. She reportedly said that I If the voters determine that you’re placing your own vanity or grievances before of what’s right for the nation, they will turn elsewhere.

The New York Post mocked him on the front page as “Trumpty Dumpty” with a provocative photo depicting how he not only suffered a terrible fall but also was unable to construct a wall.

Trump reacted by referring to the newspaper as “the no more great New York Post,” and he attributed his inability to finish the border on former Speaker Paul Ryan, a Fox Corp. top executive, and “Broken Old Crow” Mitch McConnell, claiming they did not secure enough funding from Congress.

However, Transition in Murdochworld appears to be proceeding smoothly.

Its new obsession with Ron DeSanctimonious has evidently upset Trump, who is throwing shade from his Palm Beach home, his nonsensical venom-zinging Republican stars as well as anyone who seems to stand in his way.

In his Truth Social tweets, he attempted to portray the results of the election as more favorable than they actually were, mocking candidates who rejected his backing, such as Joe O’Dea in Colorado, as having a “Death Wish.”

Trump Goes After DeSantis

Trump attempted to undercut the governor of Virginia, a prospective powerhouse, by making a racist remark about Glenn Youngkin’s name and claiming that he would not have succeeded last year without Trump holding a very large Political Rally for him over the phone.

Additionally, the previous president had a tantrum over Ron DeSantis. Following his Ohio event on Monday, he thuggishly warned the Florida governor, saying that he should not to consider running for president.