Google in Hot Water with the Law AGAIN


Over 15,000 present and former female Google employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the firm, which was resolved.

The 15,500 claimants, including active and retired female workers, must now receive $118 million from Google.

Looks Like They Aren’t So Woke

This is a business that fired a top technician, James Damore, for implying well-documented physiological differences could be partly the reason why so many women don’t end up in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

Alphabet, the Google parent, agreed to pay $118 million to 15,500 present and past female employees to resolve a five-year-old class action complaint.

The claimants in the action include a diverse group of employees, including managers, engineers, sales reps, and at least one pre-school instructor.

They charged Google with placing overqualified women in lower-paying jobs, denying women advancements, and compensating female employees a median of $17,000 less than male staff.

Google will be submitted to an external assessment, in addition to the $118 million bill. As per the Mail, the court ordered Google to engage third parties to examine its HR procedures and “pay equality” for the next three years.

Google has a long history of going out of its way to accommodate women and minorities, along with a work environment that appears to tolerate bullying against employees who convey even the mildest dissidence against compelled diversity policies.

That’s not to mention Google’s widespread hatred of males and white people, finish with handouts to supervisors alerting them not to accommodate “white dominant culture.”

Google is having a bad day.

Google, or any other corporation, has yet to face legal action in the United States for the apparent racism and sexism that has swept across board rooms, where talks on “white fragility” are now ubiquitous.

Eight lawsuits filed around the country argue that Facebook’s services are harmful to the young population’s lives.

“The plaintiffs knew their goods and related services were detrimental to young impressionable children and teenagers; yet they utterly disregarded their own knowledge,” according to one attorney.

“They used complex algorithms to encourage users to visit the sites often and expose them to dangerous information for an extended period of time.”

According to Mashable, the legal firm Beasley Allen filed eight cases against Facebook (now known as Meta), alleging the company’s services on Facebook and Instagram harm young people’s health.

Meta not only seeks “ways to exploit young people for money,” according to the legal firm, but it also purposefully attempted to make its networks as emotionally addicting as possible and failed to safeguard its users.

The corporation referenced far-left “leaker” Frances Haugen’s testimony in October 2021. She detailed the platform’s influence on adolescent users, as well as leaked papers claiming the business was informed it was “toxic” to teenage girls.


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