Harris Worse Democrat Candidate For 2024 Than Even Gavin Newsom


Vice President Kamala Harris would be a highly questionable candidate for the 2024 presidential nomination of the Democrat Party.

She would lose that even to California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, per the results from a new public opinion poll.

Kamala Shapes Up as Bad 2024 Nomination Bidder

Harris has been no less gaffe-prone than Sleepy Joe. She has certainly shared in his sliding popularity amid trailing his already low ratings.

While Joe Biden himself keeps insisting that he is going to run for reelection in 2024, a growing number of Democrats seem to be uneasy at the prospect of having him on the 2024 presidential ticket.

Biden’s popularity is getting hammered by the disappointments that he and his administration either cooked on their own or have just been failing miserably at tackling.

Biden’s advanced age – he will turn 83 shortly after the 2024 presidential election – and his questionable cognitive abilities and overt senility also contributed to more Democrats starting to view him as a non-viable candidate.

Democrats’ doubts and lack of easy choices with respect to their party’s 2024 presidential nominee don’t end there, though.

While Harris, as the vice president, would be a natural candidate to succeed an incumbent who may choose not to seek reelection, the veep’s own frequent gaffes, weak leadership, and even lower ratings don’t seem to make her a primary 2024 choice, either.

(Harris and Newsom are seen together here back in 2004)

Biden Somehow Remains Democrats’ Top Pick

Against that backdrop, the results of a public opinion poll indicate even California’s woke, far-left Governor Gavin Newsom would be a better presidential candidate for Democrats than Harris.

According to the survey, if there is a head-to-head matchup between former President Trump and Gavin Newsom, the result would be 39% to 40%. This would go in favor of the California governor, with 21% of the voters unsure who they would support.

At the same time, the poll discovered that Biden remains the most preferred 2024 Democratic presidential nominee among left-leaning voters.

Thus, when Biden was pitted against Gavin Newsom, he got a 20-point lead – 37% to 17%. In that scenario, a whole 40% of the Democrat electorate said they are unsure, while 6% said they wouldn’t even cast a vote in such a primary.

Biden also beat Harris, albeit by a smaller margin. He got 31% vs. 25% for Kamala, with 39% undecided and 5% not willing to vote in such a primary.

Speculations are growing that California’s Governor Newsom, who survived a recall vote last September, may seek the next presidential nomination of the Democrat Party.

Those have been fueled by his campaign’s recent move to buy $105,000 worth of TV ads in Florida. Naturally, the ads getting aired are implicitly attacking Ron DeSantis and his leadership throughout the state.

DeSantis’ team and supporters have largely criticized the Newsom attack ads.



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