Highland Park Shooter Dressed As A Woman Before Attack


According to police, the perpetrator of the shooting spree in Highland Park, Illinois wore women’s clothing to conceal his identity and plotted the assault over several weeks. 

Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, 21, was arrested on Monday.

He is accused of discharging more than 70 rounds into the multitude of people during a mass shooting. He left at least six people dead and many more injured, according to police.

It is thought he used a costume to flee the crime scene. 

It Was Premeditated

Christopher Covelli, a spokesperson for the Lake County Crime Task Force, stated at a press conference on Tuesday that suspect Crimo plotted this attack weeks in advance.

He carried a rifle with a powerful caliber to this ceremony. Using a fire escape ladder, he climbed to the roof of a company and opened fire on innocent Independence Day revelers. 

Covelli added that investigators suspect Crimo dressed in women’s clothing to cover up his face tattoos, his identity, and to aid him during the getaway with other persons escaping the turmoil.

Crimo is suspected of having used a fire escape to ascend a building to a rooftop, from where he fired onto the Independence Day celebration crowd. 

Covelli stated authorities have not yet found a motive for Crimo’s actions. Charges are scheduled to be announced soon.

According to Covelli, Crimo abandoned his weapon and escaped by blending in with the scared crowd, walking to his mother’s house, and stealing her car. 

After law enforcement officials identified him as a prime suspect in the attack, a local citizen recognized the suspect’s vehicle and led law enforcement to him.

The police captured him after a brief pursuit. 

Previous Footage

Covelli added that Crimo is suspected of having lawfully purchased multiple firearms, including one dumped near the crime scene and another discovered in a car.

In addition, Covelli stated the weapon used in the attack was an AR-15-style firearm. Authorities previously referred to the firearm as a “high-powered gun,” but did not disclose the specific firearm type. 

Covelli emphasized during the media briefing that Crimo is 21 years old and will turn 22 in September. Initial accounts said he is already 22 years old.

Covelli stated Crimo resides in Highwood, Illinois, near where the procession took place. Additionally, he noted that knowledge about Crimo is preliminary. 

He underlined, “Most of this is relatively preliminary, so everything is susceptible to change as we move forward.” 

This incident is sure to bring the ‘gun control’ crowd back to the forefront of taking away our guns. However, we have to know it is not the gun doing the damage.

It is the man or woman behind the gun because there are millions of Americans using the same gun to protect themselves and their families.


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