House Republicans Want to Make June a “Month of Life”


House Republicans want to make June a “month of life” after the monumental Supreme Court verdict in June, which significantly restricts abortion. 

Currently, June is known as “Pride Month” in support of the LGBTQ community.

June Should be a “Month of Life”

Conservative Congresswoman Carol Miller led a group of 46 other Republicans to introduce a resolution seeking to make June a “month of life.”

According to the signatories of the resolution, the right to life is protected under the American Constitution.

Whereas, the right to abortion, as per the resolution, is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. So, lawmakers noted the authority of states to regulate abortion should be respected at every cost.

The document also emphasized scientific technologies which explain the “humanity of the unborn child.”

Right after the 15 weeks period, children start feeling pain. They suck their thumbs in the womb of the mother, so abortion should never be justified after this time period, the resolution noted.

Nearly 63 million children in the last 50 years, and one in five pregnancies in the last year alone, have been aborted. This signifies the extent of the unethical abortion prevailing in the United States over the course of years.

After the Supreme Court verdict, the responsibility lies on the states to come up with policies in order to assist women having unplanned pregnancies so they can find “life-affirming alternatives” to abortion.

Speaking to Fox News, Rep. Miller stated being a grandmother of seven children, she knows how much happiness and joy children bring to any family. Miller also noted all children, regardless of their age, should be “cherished.”

Another House Republican, Elise Stefanik of New York, who recently became a mother, also signed the petition. She said hearing the heartbeat of his son was nothing short of a miracle for her, as he proved to be a “great blessing” for her whole family.

While talking about the resolution, Stefanik established everyone is celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to save innocent lives, adding the verdict was the commitment of House Republicans to protect the right to life and happiness of Americans.

Right to Life is Protected in Constitution

Many nonprofit organizations, think tanks, and civil rights groups also backed the resolution.

Included in these organizations were Concerned Women for American Legislative Committee, Heritage Action, Americans United for Life, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, and United for Life.

The resolution started with the declaration of independence, mentioning the creator has made all men and women equal; they are given the right to life by God.

Calling this right to life a “founding principle” of our nation, the document insisted on the role of both the state and the federal government to protect the unborn, irrespective of their caste, creed, or sex.

If this resolution is passed, it can set new traditions in America; new cultural activities and events will be introduced in the month of June. These will be celebrated in years to come.


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