How Gender Ideology is Targeting American Youth in Schools

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Despite the massive amount of pushback from parents across the country, America’s middle school children are still being taught transgender ideologies, albeit the conversation is a bit more on the tame side in conservative states.

It ranges from teachers slowly shifting their classroom language to address their students in a gender-neutral manner to some of these “educators” outrightly explaining concepts rooted in sexuality to a bunch of kids that have yet to discover their own.

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LGBT pushes their political ideas onto America’s youth

Thankfully, some right-leaning states already implemented laws that prohibit schools from teaching this material to kids at such a young age, most notably Florida with DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education bill.

However, “progressive” states have yet to understand the importance of keeping these ideas as far away from our children as possible.

Now, there’s a grand total of seven states in the US that mandated the inclusion of LGBTQ topics in schools’ curriculums.

Sex education has existed for decades; it’s an important step towards creating a generation that knows how to uphold traditional values and respect the opposite gender.

That’s exactly where the LGBT community decided to step in.

Saying “opposite gender” is now a thing of the past apparently. What better way to confuse the young and pliable minds than to present them with an avalanche of genders?

16% of Gen Z identifies as LGBT

Anyone with a clear head can see how the whole notion of teaching young kids these alien concepts is nothing more than peddling liberal agendas.

If the nature of the topics is taken into consideration, it’s wildly inappropriate for children at that age.

Aside from this, the left is also pushing for the inclusion of women’s hygiene products in boys’ bathrooms, claiming transgender youth has the right to use a bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

Another hot topic is the competition of transgender women in women’s sports.

This has caused quite the ruckus over the past couple of years as we’ve seen formerly average male athletes dominate the female categories of their sport from the moment they transition.

A survey conducted by Gallup showed that 16% of Gen Z identifies as part of the LGBT community. This is a proportional increase to the previous generation, signaling it may be more of a “trend,” rather than the actual amount.

Unfortunately enough though, this increased representation of the LGBT community led schools to double down on transgender topics in elementary schools and kindergartens, starting with the idea there are no “boy colors” or “girl colors.”

Other textbooks for first graders include ideas that gender is a social norm, rather than a fixed attribute, and that it can even depend on one’s mood at a certain moment.

If this isn’t enough to prompt emergency reforms to America’s education system, then there really is no hope for the future generations who are unlucky enough to be birthed into a world where identifying as “clown gender” is perfectly valid.


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