Joe Rogan Snubs Trump But Forecasts He’d Beat ‘Dead Man’ Biden in 2024


Popular Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan, who describes himself as a libertarian comedian, has revealed his anti-Trump stance.

He disclosed he never had Trump as a guest on his show to avoid helping him politically. Although Rogan did predict Trump would defeat “dead man” Joe Biden in a potential 2024 match-up.

‘Weirder Times’, Per Joe Rogan

Recent reports in CNN and The New York Times have claimed Trump may announce by the end of this month that he is going to run for another White House term.

Yet, for the time being, the Trump camp has given no such indications.

Meanwhile, Joe “Multiple Crisis” Biden keeps insisting he is going to seek reelection. However, his poor performance, numerous gaffes, advanced age, and dubious cognitive abilities appear to be increasingly calling that into question.

Joe Rogan, whose podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, is under a $200 million contract with Spotify, however, revealed he never had Trump on his show because he doesn’t want to support him.

Rogan was a guest on another show, The Lex Fridman Podcast, when he stated he was “not interested in helping” Trump become president once again.

The podcaster’s assessment of Trump certainly wasn’t flattering. He describes Trump as a figure who is so “polarizing” that he led many to “abandon their principles” just to “attack him” and his supporters.

Besides that, Rogan said the “Trump Era” was one of the “weird times” in the history of the United States.

As Fridman seconded that opinion, and even guessed it might “get weirder,” Rogan agreed this is going to be the case. He predicted Trump is going to run for another presidential term.

Rogan Had Chances to Host Trump, Always Said ‘No’

At the same time, however, when asked about Trump’s chances in a 2024 race, the libertarian comedian forecast Trump will win because will be “running against a dead man,” a reference to Joe Biden.

Rogan stressed Biden “shakes hands” with non-present people, as he may be “seeing ghosts.” He then dwelled on Empty Shelves Joe’s recent appearance in person as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

Rogan noted during that appearance, Biden “was just rambling.” He called out the hypocrisy of the mainstream media by saying if Trump or any Republican out there behaved like that, he would be on “every f***ing show.”

In his guest appearance, the Joe Rogan Experience host declared explicitly that he isn’t a supporter of Trump “in any way.”

He informed explicitly while he’s had “the opportunity” to host POTUS 45 “more than once,” he “said ‘no’ every time.” Having Trump on would help his cause and Rogan doesn’t want to do this.

At the same time, however, Fridman poked at Rogan by predicting the latter might still end up hosting Trump.


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