Kamala Commits US to Fighting Commie China to Defend Philippines

(Kamala Harris's Twitter profile)

Democrat President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden’s no less gaffe-prone veep, Kamala Harris, has committed the United States to fight Communist China if the Beijing Commies attack the Philippines over a bunch of disputed tiny islands in the South China Sea.

US May Regain Former Key Ally after Years of Pro-China Damage

The People’s Republic of China, as Communist China is officially called, has indeed been increasingly assertive in the Indo-Pacific region seeking to corrupt and bully smaller nations, including some of the key US allies.

That trend in China’s foreign and military policy has become particularly overt since its current dictator, Xi Jinping, took over at the end of 2012.

Communist China claims sovereignty over the entirety of the South China Sea and its island groups, such as the Spratly Islands. It has been building artificial islands and upgrading its military facilities on them.

Even though in 2016, a tribunal on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea ruled in favor of the Philippines in its maritime disputes with China, that has had no consequences since Beijing isn’t a signatory to the convention.

The Philippines, a Christian Catholic nation of over 100 million people in Southeast Asia, used to be one of the foremost American allies in Asia.

However, US-Philippine relations worsened tremendously under its former president, Rodrigo Duterte, between 2016 and June 2022, as he sought rapprochement with Xi’s China and Putin’s Russia and frequently engaged in anti-American and anti-democracy rhetoric.

Earlier this week, Kamala Harris met in the Philippine capital Manila with the country’s new president, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos who ruled from 1865 until 1986.

In her talks with the new leader, Biden’s veep declared America’s “unwavering commitment” to defending the Philippines in the event of an attack on any of its ships or airplanes in the South China Sea.

(Kamala Harris’s Twitter profile)

US Support Goes Even to Local Fishermen ‘Harassed’ by China

Harris “went on the offensive” against Communist China in a speech she delivered in Puerto Princesa, in the Philippines, a port city of 300,000, on Tuesday, according to the report.

The US vice president accused Beijing of “intimidating” and “coercing” the smaller nations in the region of the South China Sea, a top world trade waterway.

Biden’s veep insisted that the United States would invariably back the Philippines against China, continuing to defend “freedom.”

At the same time, however, Kamala didn’t mention China by name in a lengthy sentence in which she blasted “foreign vessels” who “illegally deplete” the Philippines’ fishing stock, “harass and intimidate” local fishermen and destroy the local environment.

Kamala Harris’s trip to the Philippines came two days after a naval faceoff between Chinese and Philippine ships in the South China Sea.

The faceoff was over the recovery of debris, which, according to the government of the Philippines, was from a Chinese rocket.

Harris’s two-day trip to the Southeast Asian nation has been construed as a demonstration of the importance that Joe Biden’s administration ascribes to the country as Communist China is seeking to assert its dominance and boost its influence all over the Indo-Pacific and even the global map.

As the former Philippine leader, 77-year-old China-friendly Rodrigo Duterte, exited in June, his successor Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has expressed his desire to repair the country’s damaged relationship with the United States.