Kamala Gets to Spearhead Far Left’s Gender Ideology with New Body


Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden found a new assignment for his equally gaffe-prone veep, Kamala Harris.

New ‘Thought Police’ About LGBTQI+ Individuals

Speaking on Thursday at the White House, Harris herself formally announced the establishment of a special “task force” under her command. The job will be to tackle “gendered disinformation” online.

The formula in question sounds like an online “thought police” to purge the internet of any criticism of gender ideology and transgenderism.

As per Kamala’s announcement, her new task force is going to “address online harassment and abuse.”

She lauded the new far-left project of the Biden administration as a tool for “societal progress,” arguing nobody should “have to endure abuse” because they are trying to “participate in society.”

The White House released a special memo mentioning “programs and policies” on “disinformation campaigns” against “women and LGBTQI+” people who happen to be public figures or even politicians, both in the United States and abroad.

The memo features a tirade about how “online abuse and harassment” of women cracks down on their rights and “undermines” democracy.

Left-wing communists running today’s America in alliance with mainstream media, social media, and Hollywood completely ignore the fact it is aggressive Marxism destroying American freedoms and obliterating constitutional rights of American citizens.

Gender Policy Council ‘Colluding’ With Big Tech

Kamala’s task force is making no exception to the communist rule.

The memo made no mention whatsoever of how Antifa and other far-left extremists are increasingly terrorizing law-abiding, God-fearing Americans simply because they don’t wish to subscribe to progressive totalitarianism in the United States.

However, Biden’s pro-woke veep did speak of how she was concerned about the threat of “white supremacy” and how abortion is in dire need of “privacy protection.”

Reactions from pro-freedom and pro-democracy commentators to Biden’s new Kamala Harris-led transgenderism “thought police” have ranged from ironic to furious.

The Young Americans for Liberty commented on Twitter that the new body is going to be a “new disinformation task force” led by Harris. The US government, particularly in its current form, is the “biggest purveyor of disinformation.”

Matt Whitlock, a conservative commentator, drew a comparison between Kamala’s new job and the disinformation board of the Department of Homeland Security set up by the Biden administration earlier this year.

Nan Hayworth, a former congresswoman, reacted sarcastically by urging “Ms. Harris” and her new team to come to Hayworth’s social media timeline to police the harassing comments left by “leftist trolls.”

Brent Bozell, founder and CEO of the Media Research Center, declared the Gender Policy Council of the White House appears to be colluding with Big Tech on the new transgender online task force.

He insisted that, naturally, “nothing good” could come out of it.



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