Kamala Harris 2024? Not If Top Democrat Donors Have Their Way


The scene is set for Kamala Harris to run for president in 2024 if Biden doesn’t run for a second term. That assumption is actually a nightmare for Democrats.

After all, according to three recent surveys, more than 50% of the Democratic voter base doesn’t like Harris.

For University of Virginia politics professor Larry Sabato, Harris’s main problem has nothing to do with her color and ethnicity, but rather is due to her being in Biden’s unpopular shadow.

The truth is even worse than this…

Kamala is Just Awful

Sabato leans left and doesn’t make an effort to hide that. He’s claiming that if Biden were a good political manager, Harris would be well seen by more Americans. What we’ve seen is the opposite.

Not only has Kamala made her own bed and created her own negative political reputation, but she’s also very strongly disliked by many high-up Democrat donors and insiders.

Democratic campaign donors are desperate about the possibility of a Kamala run in 2024 and have requested anonymity to express their opinion.

One of them said Harris is useless and no one in this current administration should have the audacity to run.

Harris has always been singled out as disorganized and emotionally troubled. She’s had tons of staff leave. She is reportedly an emotionally abusive bully who shouts and gaslights everyone around her.

This is really not surprising. Watching one interview with her makes it clear this is not a stable or competent individual.

An Avalanche of Resignations

So far, we are aware of 12 people who have resigned from the VP’s office during Harris’ tenure. In April she lost two key members, Tina Flournoy, chief of staff, and her deputy, Michael Fuchs.

According to some Capitol Hill officials, Harris has mood instability and treats them very badly. A key Democratic member said she doesn’t know how to lead, no less work as a team.

Because the vice president does not know how to delegate, employees work in her own way and when she is challenged in any way, she goes berserk.

While her poor track record is obvious for all to see, Harris would still receive support from about 31% of Democratic voters for the next presidential election, according to the latest polls.

Why Do Some People Still Support Harris?

Democratic political consultant Chris Coffey pointed out the fact that Harris was the first black woman to be elected as VP. Those who still support her have a lot to do with identifying with her gender and her color.

Among other possible contenders for 2024 are socialist relic Senator Bernie Sanders, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and New York Mayor Eric Adams.

Biden says he will run again in 2024, but there is speculation about whether that will be possible, given his mental and physical state.


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