Kamala Harris Suffers Fresh Public Embarrassment

(Social media video snapshot shows Kamala still upbeat, before having attempted her second failed shot)

Vice President Kamala Harris is desperately trying – and in all fairness, managing – not to fall far behind her boss’ proneness to making utterly embarrassing gaffes.

The latest Harris gaffe was her failing repeatedly to score on a basketball court during a public event and her office seeking to cover it up.

‘Madam VP,’ Ladies and Gentlemen!

Harris was on a middle school “field day” earlier this week in Washington, DC, to celebrate the 50th anniversary since the adoption of the Title IX legislation banning sex-based discrimination in federally funded educational programs.

During her middle school appearance in DC, Kamala took to the basketball court to take a shot at scoring.

She ended up being filmed, failing to score five consecutive times over the course of nearly two minutes before she eventually managed to land a basket.

The pauses between Kamala’s basket attempts were filled with middle school students giving her advice on how to shoot, interspersed with her world-famous nervous chuckle.

The vice president’s office, however, only posted on social media a five-second clip showing Kamala shooting and scoring a basket.

One of Harris’ aides, Opal Vadhan, posted on Twitter the five-second video of the veep’s “incredible success” with a simple, but mighty caption reading, “Madam VP,” followed by three basketball emojis.

(Social media footage shows Emhoff stepping in to save his wife from total embarrassment)

Embarrassed Hubby Stepped In

The attempted reputational fraud on part of Kamala’s office was exposed on Thursday by the Twitter account of the Republican National Committee.

This shared the entire video of one minute and 47 seconds, showing the true nature of the veep’s sports achievements.

The video shows how Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, seemingly embarrassed by her missing the first five shots, comes to her and gives her advice on how to shoot. She eventually manages to score only after that.

In one of its follow-up tweets, the Republican National Committee noted that Kamala’s basketball performance was actually “1-for-6.”

The RNC then wondered whether there is anything in this world Harris can actually “do well.”

The latest public gaffe of Biden’s veep comes against the backdrop of a Fox News poll revealing her public approval rate is down to 39%, while her disapproval is at 56%.

The entire basketball fiasco had wider repercussions for Harris.

On Thursday, Congresswoman Kat Cammack challenged the veep to a basketball one-on-one, in a bid to force her to do her job as Biden’s point person on the illegal immigration tsunami.

Cammack issued the basketball challenge for Kamala, as cited by The Daily Mail, during a Republican Study Committee event at the US Capitol.

This hosted female athletes fallen prey to transgenderism as they were “defeated” in competitions by biologically male “transsexual” contestants having an easy ride to medals, thanks to Neo-Marxism.


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