Kamala Offers Embarrassing Word Salad on Why Dems Failed on Abortion


Vice President Kamala Harris just served the American public a fresh dish of her famous word salads that she delivers any time a hard issue pops up.

This time, she really struggled to give an answer on the abject failure of Democrats on abortion, in the wake of the recent SCOTUS reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Kamala Tangled Up in Abortion Blame Game

Last month’s SCOTUS ruling made abortion once again the prerogative of individual states, allowing at least 26 states to impose partial or full abortion bans.

The new anti-abortion Supreme Court ruling raised a hue and cry on part of the extremist left.

One of the most prominent questions in the fuming far left’s blame game over the death of Roe v. Wade has been about why the Democrats did not codify, i.e. put into federal law, the alleged right to an abortion.

Since 1973, the Democrat Party has had four presidents and 15 majorities in the US Congress.

‘I Believe That We Believed Certain Things About Certain Things – But There’s Also Other Things – and We Believe”

That is precisely the question that Vice President Kamala Harris tried to wrestle with in an interview with Robert Costa from CBS News, of which excerpts have been aired.

More specifically, Costa asked her whether previous presidents and congressional majorities of the Democrat Party “failed” because they never codified “abortion rights” throughout the almost 50 years in which Roe v. Wade legalized unbridged abortion on the federal level.

Kamala’s response was a textbook case of a word salad.

She started by saying she “thinks” – but added that she would be “very honest with you.”  Then, she went on to say she “believes” that “we should have rightly believed.”

At this point, she switched to “we certainly believed” that abortion had been “just settled.” Except, she didn’t even dare say “abortion,” but substituted that for the euphemistically sounding expression “certain issues.”

Then, she went on to repeat a little more boldly that there was a belief among “us”, i.e. the abortionists – that “certain issues” had been “settled”, that is, that abortion had become irreversible forever.

In the same interview with CBS News, the vice president did state Congress should pass a law in favor of “abortion rights” and complained the new SCOTUS ruling stripped women of a “constitutional right.”

Kamala claimed “all of us” harbor a “deep sense of outrage” about what the Supreme Court has just “taken away” from women. She kept parroting the Marxist-Communist claim that abortion is a constitutional right.

She lamented that now “the government can interfere” in what she described as some of the “most intimate and private decisions” for women, sticking to another Marxist talking point that unborn children are nothing but organs in their mothers’ bodies.


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