Kamala Stabs Biden’s Back By Making His 2024 Re-election Run Conditional

(CNN video snapshot)

Vice President Kamala Harris has practically stabbed Biden’s back on a highly sensitive topic.

She suggested his prospect of running for a second term in 2024 may be uncertain, even those she herself guaranteed two days earlier that a Biden reelection bid is ironclad.

Uncertainty from the Inside

Biden has been insisting, since shortly after taking office, that he is certain to seek reelection.

He has affirmed numerous times that he’d like his equally gaffe-prone veep to be his vice president in his potential second term as well.

The uncertainty about Biden running is being fueled by reports about who else could replace him as the 2024 presidential nominee of the Democrat Party.

The potential candidates mentioned range from Kamala Harris to Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, all the way to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and California Governor Gavin Newsom.

While up to this point, Harris has shown unconditional loyalty to Biden, in new comments on Wednesday, she cast notable doubts as to whether Sleepy Joe would even stage a reelection run.

Her new comments came after an interview on Monday with CNN anchor Dana Bash. During this interview, Kamala sounded 100% convinced that Biden is going to seek another White House term and that she is going to be “his ticket mate.”

Her certainty was underscored by her explicit declaration of “He is running. Full stop!” at the end of her sentence.


Too Many Question Marks Hovering

The seeming change in Kamala’s position was unveiled on Wednesday by the vice-presidential pool reporter. The pool reporter sent an email on the topic to other journalists, as cited by The Daily Mail.

The email informed that both VPOTUS and the White House would like to “clarify comments” she made in her CNN interview.

It then revealed Kamala’s clarification is that Biden “intends to run” for a second term and that “if he does,” she is going to be “his ticket mate.”

Seemingly in order to cushion the blow from the stabbing of her boss’ back, Harris then added the two of them are going to “run together.”

It remains unclear why the VP’s office thought it might be a good idea to “clarify” her words on the matter, two days after she sounded fully confident about Sleepy Joe’s reelection bid.

It is also unknown why Kamala and her aides chose wording that makes the prospect in question sound conditional and uncertain.

One explanation came from a report of The Los Angeles Times.

It cited a Democrat source close to the White House as saying Kamala’s “clarification” is simply technical.

It is meant to rectify “trigger words” in her original comments, which would cause electoral campaign and fundraising requirements of the Federal Election Commission to kick in.

However, it remains unclear how Kamala’s statements were any different from Biden’s own declarations that he will be seeking a second term. This hasn’t triggered FEC rules, as he hasn’t really formalized his bid.



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