LA DA Gascón Orders Prosecutors to Go Easy on Illegal Immigrants


Based on a new policy, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón is demanding that prosecutors “go easy” on illegal immigrants (emphasis on the word “illegal”).

Illegals to Receive Preferential Treatment

This new policy means that DA’s must give illegal immigrants better treatment than the average U.S. citizen by taking into consideration how the criminal charges would impact them and by ensuring that everything possible is done to prevent them from being deported or detained.

The policy does not mince words, it clearly states that all charging decisions will be made with the objective of preventing or minimizing the unfavorable immigration effects of a judgment whenever known, feasible, or permissible. Whenever options to filing criminal charges are available that are congruent with community security, such alternatives must be explored.

The guideline further states that criminal enhancement allegations should be minimized. These accusations may involve gang enhancements, aggravated bodily harm enhancements, or firearm enhancements, and can result in harsher terms.

In accordance with the policy, different solutions to felony convictions should be taken into account, such as minimizing criminal enhancements that can massively raise a person’s jail term, which would transform a formerly immigration-neutral crime into a crime that is detrimental to immigration.

Putting Illegals First

One could argue that this particular policy actively discriminates against American citizens while simultaneously favors illegal immigrants.

Bill Melugin, a Fox News national correspondent, says that this policy basically means that illegals will be offered better deals or opportunities based on their immigration status.

Based on twitter comments, a lot of American’s are not happy with this new “woke” agenda. One user commented asking if the District Attorney George Gascón really just referred to people who commit crimes as “victims”. Another pointed out that generally speaking, the victims of crimes are the victims and that the perpetrators aren’t the victims. One would not think that difference would ever need clarification.

Other Twitter users expressed their concern sighting that Los Angeles DA’s shouldn’t be involving themselves with or deciding on immigration policy’s.

Policy Leads to Crime Increase

Regardless of one’s personal opinions on the matter, the sad fact remains; this will not make American’s safer. History is proof that this policy will just add to the increasing crime rates. Just look at Drew Rosenberg who was killed by illegal immigrant, Roberto Galo in 2010.

Galo had prior convictions but due to the “soft-on-crime” policies of the then San Francisco DA Kamala Harris and former Mayor Gavin Newsom, he was given special treatment. Drew’s father holds Harris and Newsom responsible for his son’s murder. He claims that Drew’s blood is on their hands as it was their policy that treats illegal immigrants with favoritism and that allowed Galo to remain in America and kill Drew.

Shockingly, Galo only served 45 days behind bars for the killing of Drew Rosenburg.