Latina Republican Wins Huge in Blue District


A Republican getting elected in Texas is nothing new. After all, the Lone Star State is about as red as they come. However, in the south of the state, near the Rio Grande and in primarily Latino areas, Texas tends to vote blue.

The Democrats and people like wanna-be governor Beto O’Rourke have been banking on the Latino vote.

Though they have a huge problem on their hands. Latinos in Texas aren’t voting Democrat anymore. In fact, they’re so sick and tired of the Democrat Party they just shocked the entire nation last night.

34th District Goes GOP

Texas’ 34th Congressional District is located in the Rio Grande Valley. This district hasn’t voted Republican since 1810.

Though on Tuesday evening, candidate Mayra Flores solidly defeat Democrat Dan Sanchez. Given the 34th District is made up of a mostly Hispanic population, pollsters had been expecting it to be much bluer.

However, they couldn’t have been more wrong. Running on a platform of “God, Family, Country,” and backed by over $1 million in spending, Flores approached this race at full speed.

Sanchez, meanwhile, was left behind by the Democrats who barely supported him. It’s also worth noting that Biden barely squeaked by in the 34th district in the 2020 election, despite its Latino population.

Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report announced Flores’ victory in the race for a seat in Congress. She won by 51% to Sanchez’s 43%.

This fills the seat of former Democrat Representative Filemon Vela, who left it in March.

Humiliation for the Left

The fact the Democrat Party loses this special election to a Republican is especially humiliating to Biden and the whole party leadership.

This ends their tradition of more than a century of loyalty and support from Latino Texans. Of course, the fight won’t be easy.

Flores will still have to face many stones along the way until the general election that will take place in November. One of the stones has a name and it is current Democratic congressman Vicente Gonzales.

He has serious support in the district; he’ll be looking to end this revolution before it really gets started, so look for some serious Soros money heading down to this area.

In May, Flores said South Texas has always been a conservative area and Democrats never made a point of bringing effective benefits to the region.

She said Latinos are almost all conservative at heart; they just haven’t heard the right messaging from the GOP on many issues.

A Win For America

Flores’ community no longer has to beg for Pelosi’s crumbs. This, right now, is the proper time to seize the opportunity and lead Texas into a better future for all its residents.

Latinos in Texas and everywhere can help turn this country around for the better by voting red and booting out the horrible individual in the Oval Office, along with his hypocritical, racist party members who are dragging this economy and this country to hell.


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