Leading Democrat Spent Half a Million on Armed Security While Supporting Defund Police


The Democrat Party has been on a downward slide to the far left for years now. It accelerated massively under Barack Obama and then went completely berserk under President Trump.

In the summer of 2020, the party went fully insane, cheering on leftist mobs and violent thugs as they burned down minority communities and attacked police.

As the rest of Americans were told to stay inside and shut down their businesses because of COVID, rioters angry about the death of George Floyd were encouraged to make their voices heard. They could do what they wanted on the streets of our cities.

At the same time, voices were amplified from the left calling for the horrific idea of “defunding the police” or even “abolishing” them (whatever that means).

One of those far-leftists who’s linked with support for this is Georgia governor candidate Stacey Abrams.

‘Defund the Police!’ (But Not My Security Guards)

Abrams is from Madison, Wisconsin, and eventually found her way to Georgia. She is a smart lawyer and savvy political operative who knows how to play the narrow role that the Democrat Party wants for her.

The condescending party needs her to pretend she’s marching alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and standing up to racism and injustice from conservatives.

Part of this job is to pretend she doesn’t notice the blatant racism and corruption of her own historically race-hated-based party.

Abrams, 48, is basically envisioned as a black AOC. She is supposed to live up to the idea of being a strong and independent black woman who won’t let anybody (except her own condescending Democrat Party white bosses) push her around.

She sits on the board of an anti-police group that wants police replaced with social workers, called the Marguerite Casey Foundation located in Seattle, Washington.

You may disagree strongly with Abrams, but at least we can see she puts her money where her mouth is, right? Actually no, not at all.

Abrams herself has shelled out more than $450,000 since she declared her run to be governor of Georgia in December of last year. Fair enough, high-profile figures deserve safety in public to exercise their rights as Americans and run for office.

However, one can’t help but wonder why she’s therefore on boards trying to take armed cops out of neighborhoods. One also can’t help but wonder where her campaign is getting these boatloads of money…

Abrams Says She Loves Cops

For her part, Abrams has been responding to this controversy by saying she supports police and actually wants their wages raised and their numbers bulked up. Perhaps she should vacate her seat on the Casey Foundation, then.

This far-left group sends high amounts of money to BLM and bail groups that help criminals get out of jail when they don’t have enough money to pay right away to get back on the streets.

If Abrams really supports police, maybe she should stop lending her energy and name to a group that actively undermines police and literally helps set criminals free.

Perhaps she should get real about the dangers facing America and the black community. She should stop playing politics with people’s lives in order to race-bait and score points among gated white suburbanites who like to feel good about “equity.”


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