Leaked Phone Conversations Sparks Controversy With The Kari Lake Campaign


Dem Katie Hobbs has been declared the winner of the Senate race in Arizona, but not everything is truly resolved.

Now a recording from a discussion between the team of Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake and an attorney for Maricopa County indicates that emotions are reaching a boiling point in the days after the election.

What’s Going On?

According to a report by The Washington Post, lawyers for Kari Lake’s campaign, as well as attorneys for the Republican National Committee, talked by phone on Monday with a counsel for Maricopa. Maricopa District is home to Phoenix and over half of the state’s voters.

Almost a week before Election Day, the delegates from Lake posed several concerns regarding issues that voters encountered at the polls. After which, toward the end of the phone conversation, an attorney for the RNC emphasized the importance of rapid responses, as per to the Maricopa solicitor, Tom Liddy, a staunch Conservative who leads the office for civil cases in the district.

Liddy is the grandson of the infamous G. Gordon Liddy, who was involved in the Watergate scandal, and Liddy himself functioned as deputy counsel for the Republican National Committee.

Lake Tells Establishment To Go To Hell

According to the publication, Liddy said that the RNC counsel, Benjamin Mehr, informed him that there were “a lot of furious individuals out there” and that the camp “can’t manage them.” Mehr was recognized as such by Liddy and others. In an interview on Friday, Liddy stated that he saw the statements as a threat.

A Twitter account associated with Lake’s campaign uploaded a video of a portion of the call on Friday night. In the clip, Liddy can be heard cursing and raising his voice.

The Lake campaign did not react to a request for the whole video, which was shot from within the war room of the Republican Party that was located at a resort in Scottsdale.

The county authorities said that they were caught off guard when they learned that the conversation had been filmed and then uploaded to a public website with the names of only one party censored.

According to Liddy, he informed both the Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone and the Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell about the call.

The Republican Party Is Split

The contentious back-and-forth between two Republican attorneys brings to light the ongoing conflict inside the Republican Party on the conduct of elections. Maricopa District is the 2nd biggest voting legal jurisdiction, and it has become the central focus of former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn his loss in the 2020 election.

This incident demonstrates how mounting mistrust morphed into overt animosity in the wake of the midterm elections.

In order to back up their claim that the votes should not be certified and that local officials should lose their jobs, the campaign of candidate Lake has pointed to issues with printers that occurred across the entirety of Maricopa County during the election.

Jenna Ellis was the one who originally shared the tape of the call, and in it, Liddy can be heard explaining to the RNC lawyer that he had held the same position.

Liddy told Ben that what he was saying sounded like he was trying to threaten him.

The response from Mehr was that he most certainly was.

After that, Liddy explained how he understood Mehr’s statements, which stated that the campaign could not manage Lake’s election-denying base.

Lake has not yet admitted defeat in the race.