Leftists Celebrated Justice Kavanaugh’s Public Harassment


Pro-choice journalists and media personalities celebrated the disrespectful treatment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was forced to leave a D.C. restaurant through the back door after abandoning his dinner.

Since the Supreme Court’s decision of restricting abortion access, conservative justices have become the easiest targets of radical groups.

Liberals Amused at Justice Kavanaugh’s Harassment

On Wednesday, Politico reported Justice Kavanaugh was having dinner at Morton’s The Steakhouse in Washington D.C when a group of protesters called the manager and asked him to “kick out” the judge from the restaurant.

Later on, a radical left group ShutDown DC tweeted Kavanaugh “sneaked out” from the back door of the restaurant after seeing protests against him, adding Morton should be “ashamed” of allowing a man who “hates women.”

While the whole episode is a textbook example of harassment of a public official, liberal journalists celebrated the whole incident.

Elie Mystal, an MSNBC contributor and The Nation writer, tweeted no one should be surprised to see Kavanaugh into Morton since he “puts ketchup on his steak.”

Mystal also justified Kavanaugh’s harassment, noting people still believe the real problem is in those who are angry about the Supreme Court’s abortion verdict and who want to protest against the decision.

Likewise, the liberal writer asserted Kavanaugh lied to Congress to get a lifetime job with no accountability, and still, he is “getting pissy” just because someone “interrupted (his) ice cream.”

Another liberal author, Charlotte Clymer stated she “couldn’t give a sh–” just because women seeking their rights made the “overpriced steak” of the judge “unpleasant.”

She added that ten years old girls have to travel to different states for abortion, due to the Supreme Court justice, so nobody should think the public yelling at Kavanaugh was “uncivil.”

Unethical Protests Against Kavanaugh Took Public Harassment to a New Level

Andy Campbell, a senior editor of HuffPost, accused Politico of “clutching pearls” on the story, adding only some “unruly” protesters yelled at the justice, who still finished his steak and left before the desert.

He sarcastically added the protesters should have the “DECENCY” to let Kavanaugh finish his “lobster salad.”

Another leftist commentator, Keith Olbermann said Kavanaugh’s right to “congregate and eat dinner” was violated, but this right is not mentioned in the Constitution.

He was mocking the Supreme Court verdict, which established the right to abortion is not protected by the Constitution.

Progressive radio host Thom Hartmann commented along similar lines. He stated the Constitution does not mention the right to eat dinner “in a fancy restaurant,” as it does not mention the right to abortion.

A former senior executive of NBCUniversal, Mike Sington, slammed the restaurant for defending the judge.

He quoted the words of the restaurant’s management, which said disturbing the dinner of people is “selfishness” and “void of decency,” and said banning abortion was also a selfish approach by the top court.


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