Leftists Want to Criminalize Self-Defense


Left-wing prosecutors who allow rioting to run amok and let serial offenders go on minimal bail seek to hinder your right to self-defense.

Circumstances regarding bodega clerk Jose Alba’s apparent fatal stabbing of an enraged man in New York City last week are still unknown.

Still, he was promptly charged with murder. Then, he was jailed at Rikers Island on a $250,000 bond, while video footage suggests he likely reacted in self-defense.

Surveillance recordings show the unidentified lover of Austin Simon, the man Alba killed, becoming agitated with Alba after her card declined. She threatened to “bring my n— down here and he’ll f-ck you up.”

Footage and Evidence

Additional footage captures Simon pushing and shoving Alba behind the counter until Alba rose up and tried to move past Simon. At this moment, Alba stabbed him.

Alba told Simon, “I don’t want a problem,” when Simon walked in. Further evidence apparently shows the girlfriend slicing Alba, but she hasn’t been charged.

After an uproar over Manhattan, DA Alvin Bragg’s decision to prosecute Alba, who has zero criminal history, for murder, lowered the bond amount, but the accusations have not been withdrawn.

GoFundMe canceled a page for Alba’s case, as it often does when its leaders disagree with a cause.

A courageous citizen with the means of defending himself is a danger to left-wing officials who want to boss him around.

They did this when they went door to door, pawing out “unapproved” religious services/meetings during COVID lockdowns and when they permitted uncivilized riots to hold urban areas hostage in 2020.

Bragg’s judgment to clamp down on what looks to be a powerful case of self-defense might not be a ploy to prosecute self-protective freedom.

Still, it follows a long string of attitudes and actions on the left that are opposed to the concept of a law-abiding civilian using a weapon to defend him or herself and personal property.

Intentions of the Left

Bragg started his term by asking officials to seek jail time solely for “the most heinous felonies” (including homicide, sexual assault, and commercial crimes involving enormous sums of money).

He told them not to seek jail time for “some robberies and attacks” and to rarely “want more than 20 years.” Unsurprisingly, NYC crime rates have gone up.

Remember, this is the same state that just went to trial to restrict citizens from carrying concealed handguns.

After the Supreme Court deemed New York’s tight restrictions unlawful, the state raced to implement a new law…one where authorized firearms may be carried, but mandates permit seekers’ social media pages to be examined.

Never forget what happened to 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse when he shot three individuals in self-defense in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse was vilified as a “white supremacist” by President Joe Biden and as a killer by the crooked press.

After a weeks-long trial and over a year of vicious defamation, he was declared not guilty on all charges by reason of self-defense.

Power-hungry attorneys and politicians who safeguard crimes and riots, while attacking law-abiding citizens’ right to self-defense don’t do it accidentally. They abuse the justice system to frighten and control Americans. 


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