Look: Russia Teams Up With Iran to Destroy Ukraine


According to Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor for the White House, Iran intends to give Russia “up to several hundred” aircraft to be deployed in the conflict in Ukraine.

What’s Going on?

Military experts located in the United States claim the action shows Moscow is running low on precise weapons; greater military cooperation between two U.S. rivals is likely to result from this development.

The Kremlin announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin will travel to Tehran the following week to discuss enhancing business relations with Iran.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, condemned Canada for creating a loophole in the Russian sanctions by allowing the return to Germany of a jet engine used throughout the Nord Stream 1 pipe, which had been in Canada for maintenance.

Berlin was concerned that Russia may use the failure of the turbine, which transports natural gas from Moscow to Germany, as a justification for not turning the gas back on if it had not been returned from Canada in readiness for the maintenance works.

Zelensky claimed Moscow may interpret Canada’s action as a sign of “vulnerability.”

Russian attacks in eastern and northern Ukraine have resulted in an increasing number of fatalities.

Over the week, a Russian missile struck a housing building in Chasiv Yar, a city in the eastern Donetsk area, killing at least 34 people. Russian strikes on Monday in Kharkiv resulted in the deaths of three more people and the destruction of a retail mall and homes.

The reopening of grain supplies from Russian-blocked Ukrainian ports is the goal of discussions between military teams from Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey, according to Turkey’s defense minister, who made the announcement on Tuesday.

UN is Getting Involved

In an announcement, the minister, Hulusi Akar, reported a team from the UN will attend the meeting on Wednesday.

According to Turkish indicators, the U.N. proposal to construct a maritime “safe corridor” that would permit grain shipments from Ukraine was a major topic during calls Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made to the presidents of Russia and Ukraine on Monday.

Since the Russian incursion, Turkey has attempted to serve as a mediator between both two sides and has close connections with both Ukraine and Russia.

Weeks of talks on a grain channel in the Black Sea have not resulted in a deal as Russia prevents food exports from Ukraine.

Russia is driving up world prices, causing hunger worries in nations that rely on supplies from Ukraine, and driving Ukrainian farmers into financial disaster.

Ukraine also charged Russia with taking grain from seized territory to sell on foreign markets. Ukraine contributed 10% of the world’s wheat exports last year.

A Russian ship arrested by Turkish police and suspected of transporting stolen grain was permitted to depart a Turkish port, according to the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, which called the Turkish envoy last week.


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