Mexico’s Communist President Humiliates America, Biden Fails to Give Good Comeback

(Social media photo by Eli Stolkos)

Joe Biden has just inflicted another major international political humiliation upon the United States – this time from Mexico.

Mexico’s communist President Lopez Obrador smirked and jabbed at his face that his country is mercifully letting Americans cross the border to buy cheaper gas. Sleepy Joe seems to have mostly looked on, failing to properly come back at him.

Mexico’s President Becomes Overly Impudent

In his 1.5 years of occupying the White House, Joe Biden has brought about a long list of international humiliations for the United States, particularly since he managed to lose America’s 20-year-long war on terror in Afghanistan within a matter of days last summer.

Lopez Obrador had sheer impudence to use a topic that is particularly painful for the American people in order to humiliate the United States right in Biden’s face: namely, the sky-high gas prices.

In a nutshell, he said the Mexican government deliberately decided to allow American citizens to keep crossing the border for cheaper gas in Mexico. He seemingly presented that as an act of charity and mercy for the poor people of the United States.

(Social media footage snapshot)

Triple Humiliation For America, Thanks to Biden

Eli Stokols, White House reporter for The Los Angeles Times, informed on Twitter that Lopez Obrador spoke uninterrupted before Biden for a full 31 minutes.

According to Stoikos, the “most awkward part” of that was when the communist president of Mexico boasted about how his government decided to let Americans cross the border because there is gas that’s $1 cheaper per gallon.

He cheekily said Mexicans adopted the measure while they were “waiting” for gas prices in the US to start going down.

All Biden did was say the growth of the American economy “is leading the world,” an obviously weak comeback, considering how the US is de facto funding Mexico’s largely criminal-controlled economy.

We have tens of billions of dollars per year through the drug trade and rampant human trafficking.

On top of everything, Lopez Obrador used his speech before Biden in the Oval Office to blast America over illegal immigration.

According to him, even the unhinged, woke pro-illegal immigration policies of the Biden administration are not enough. The US should “regularize” the tsunami of illegals and “give certainty to migrants.”

To make Tuesday’s humiliation for the United States even bigger, it should be noted the Mexican president decided to mock the US and school it on illegal immigration.

This followed after last month when Lopez Obrador strained bilateral relations by refusing to attend the Summit of the Americas in LA.

Lopez Obrador’s reason for that, and a true testimony to the fact he is a communist radical, was the US refused to invite to the summit the communist dictatorships of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.



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