Monkeypox Vaccine Being Rolled Out


The monkeypox disease is continuing to spread, particularly among the gay and bisexual community.

Various cities such as New York and Denver are now rolling out vaccines. These are in high demand among the sexually promiscuous individuals most at risk of contracting the dangerous virus.

There are already several vaccine types that work to treat the underlying cause of monkeypox, which is a type of orthopoxvirus.

How Many Cases Have Been Diagnosed?

At this point, the numbers are still quite low, but that number is increasing. Only two dozen people have been confirmed as cases of monkeypox in New York in the past month. They are almost all gay men.

Case numbers in New York have skyrocketed in the past week, going up by over 60%, however, which has authorities worried.

Large Canadian cities have also rolled out the monkeypox vaccine. At this point, the United States has around 150 confirmed cases of monkeypox, which is still relatively low.

However, testing has been limited. It’s not known how bad the full outbreak could be at this time. That is part of what’s motivating many people to go get vaccinated as soon as possible if they are in the at-risk group.

Appointments at the New York City clinic offering vaccine were booked out ten minutes after opening and the clinic had to close early.

How Do You Get Monkeypox?

Monkeypox spreads by skin contact, as well as body fluids and cuts in the genitals. You should not be in contact with anyone who is sick or is at high risk of getting the virus.

If you get sudden outbreaks of blistering or painful bumps on your skin, you should visit a physician as soon as possible.

Monkeypox first happened among monkey populations in Africa in the 1950s. The first diagnosed case among people was in the 1970s in the Congo.

The symptoms are similar to a strong flu, along with intense rashes on various areas of the body. Symptoms usually show up between one to two weeks after being exposed to the virus.

Monkeypox is most common among gay and bisexual men as noted, but it does also appear in other populations.

The Bottom Line

Some of the symptoms of monkeypox are also those listed as adverse effects of the Pfizer CDC vaccine, which some have pointed out online.

However, at this time, it appears this virus is hitting the LGBT community and is more common there.

Please exercise caution and refrain from promiscuous sexual activities if you are in this community. It can lead to monkeypox.

The virus can be deadly in some cases and is a very serious affliction. Anyone who thinks they have come into contact with a monkeypox-positive person should go to the doctor.


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