Mystery Surrounding the Assassination Attempt on Kavanaugh


Officials believe the man who claims he wanted to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh spoke with his sister on his route to the justice’s house.

The discussion may have persuaded him to abandon his deadly plan.

The Details

As per the Washington Post, Montgomery County Chief of Police Marcus Jones stated, “The accused arrived via cab and noticed the US Marshals; he turned around to evaluate his next step.”

“At this point, he contacted his sister to inform her of his plans; she persuaded him to phone 911, which he did.”

Nicholas Roske, 26, informed officials he traveled here from California with the intention of killing the judge.

On Wednesday, he took a cab to Kavanaugh’s house in Chevy Chase, Maryland, in the dead of night. He was walking through Kavanaugh’s home when he dialed 911 and eventually handed himself up to the police.

According to The Washington Post, investigators are particularly interested in why Roske dialed 911, implying the 26-year-old’s sister may have played a key role in thwarting the plan to sneak into Kavanaugh’s home and assassinate him.

According to the magazine, it is unclear what Roske and his sister talked about and how long they chatted.

According to court papers and Montgomery County 911 recordings examined by MSN, it took around 33 minutes between Roske sighting two deputy U.S. agents near Kavanaugh’s house and Roske contacting 911.

During this time, he strolled around the block from Kavanaugh’s residence and stood roughly 1.5 blocks away, according to the article.

Drew J. Wade, director of the US Marshals Service’s Department of Public Affairs, said, “We accept the existence of the detectives deployed outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s residence functioned as a deterrence in this event.”

“While the deputies did not see anything that would have warranted a punitive action, their attention and stance avoided a possible violent act against the justice.”

This Could Have Been Grim

According to a Department of Justice document, Roske reportedly went to Kavanaugh’s house, loaded with firearms and burglary tools, with the goal to murder the judge and stop him from deciding on Second Amendment and abortion matters.

“On June 8, 2022, at roughly 1:05 a.m., two United States Vice Marshals observed a person dressed in black exit a taxicab that managed to stop near the home of a Supreme Court justice,” according to the affidavit.

As per the affidavit, Roske stared at the two US Constables sitting by their parked automobiles before walking down the street.

A guy identifying himself as Nicholas John Roske then called the Montgomery County Emergency Services Center.

He said he was suicidal, had a revolver in his bag, and traveled from California to assassinate “a certain United States Supreme Court Judge.”

Roske was still on the line with the Maryland Emergency Communications Center when police arrived at the justice’s house. Roske was apprehended “without incident” by the cops.


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