Nancy Pelosi Accused of Horrible Act Against New GOP Congresswoman Mayra Flores


Readers may remember Mayra Flores’ recent historic victory in Texas. This young Latina conservative won a race to represent the 34th District of Texas in the House of Representatives.

The strength of the Hispanic community has been bringing new directions to US politics; we’ll probably see that in the November elections, as well.

This seems to bother some of the white, elitist Democrats who think they have a right to only have minorities on their side.

There’s no better example of that than botox queen Nancy Pelosi, who is now accused of a shocking action against Flores’ daughter.

Pelosi Shoves Flores’ Young Daughter

This weekend, shortly after Flores took the oath upon entering her post in the House, she, along with her family, went to take a photo-op with Pelosi.

As Speaker of the House, Pelosi should be inviting her in and making her feel welcome. Instead, she did the opposite.

A video posted on Twitter clearly shows Pelosi moving one of Flores’ daughters with her elbow in order to push the girl away from her.

What a beautiful example coming from the speaker of the House of Representatives, who is said to love children and care so much about them.

What drives an adult to push a child away from her? Maybe, Pelosi is germophobic or she just prefers babies not to make it out of the womb.

Pelosi, the Fake Catholic

Pelosi was recently barred from taking communion in her own home diocese in San Francisco.

Pelosi is a fervent supporter of abortion and went on a rant after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Like many who claim to be religious, she must be one of those who say she is a “devout Catholic” in which her Christian values only last until the end of Mass.

We can agree Pelosi knows how to stay on the agenda; like other Catholics such as Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau, she knows how to put politics above her faith at all times.

Flores reacted to the rude action by saying she feels quite proud of her daughter because even with Pelosi’s undisputed act, her daughter stood firm and posed like a queen in the photo.

Flores added no child should be pushed, let alone taken aside to make a photo. At the moment of the photo, Flores’ eldest daughter approaches and touches Pelosi, who instantly looks at the child and pushes her with her elbow.

Though Flores’ daughter kept smiling and turned around Pelosi again as if to say “this moment is also mine and I’ll be a part of it whether you like it or not!”

This kid has guts!

Pelosi is a Jealous Witch

Pelosi doesn’t love women and girls; she’s a jealous witch. Her party as a whole is fake and anti-woman.

Flores’ victory only confirms Democrats are losing favor in the electorate. Given that even Elon Musk voted for Flores, we can see even many liberals jumping ship on the Democrat party.

Pelosi hasn’t commented on why she pushed the girl or on the controversy surrounding this.


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