New Chris Pratt TV Series Has the Left Melting Down


Actor Chris Pratt has often made waves for being a Christian conservative. He’s a very nice guy and a talented actor, but the left doesn’t like the fact that he loves America and God.

His new show is called the Terminal List with the series being based on the original book by Jack Carr. Here’s why this show is really getting under the left’s skin…

What’s the Terminal List About?

Pratt’s character is called James Reece. He’s a Navy SEAL whose platoon is killed in an ambush overseas while on a top-secret mission.

He comes back stateside with conflicting memories of the event and questions about his guilt. Did he do enough to prevent it? Was he responsible?

However, with the revelation of new details, Reece discovers that dark forces are working against him, and imperiling his life and the lives of his loved ones.

The show presents a storyline that is simple: pro-America, pro-good guy, and pro-military.

The left and Democrats don’t seem to be able to handle patriotism; they always lay the blame or find pretexts to feel insulted.

The left is upset about the fact that Pratt plays a Navy officer who reacts firmly and vengefully to the injustices around him, killing the criminals.

A straightforward hero who uses might to stand up for what’s right doesn’t gel with the left’s intersectional narrative, and they are not impressed. Audiences of normal patriots love this show. The left hates it!

Leftist Critics Go Mad

Many mainstream media and liberal film review websites have released their opinions regarding the film. The Hollywood Reporter said the film is nothing but rabid patriots and military worship.

Wait, is that a bad thing?

The website Variety said it is an affront and insulting show that desensitizes people to violence.

Wait, enjoying watching bad guys get iced is a bad thing? That’s what America is built on, buddy.

Let’s face it, Democrats are always looking for more excuses to whine and complain about America, masculinity, and our brave men and women in uniform.

Narrative Glitch

I believe by always saying they suffer prejudices and whining, the left believes they gain power. By feeling hurt and complaining, they are like children asking for attention and someone’s lap to cry in.

Thus, when anything causes a narrative glitch, the left gets very sad and throws a fit like a spoiled kid. This show is very good. Pratt has received much praise for his performance.

If leftists want their own show full of woke idiocy, maybe they can make one about a military that fights with rainbow feathers and glitter to provide free abortions to immigrants.

The rest of us enjoy a good old-fashioned ass-whooping where we can side with the good guys!


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