New Hampshire Dems. Wish to Ignore Voters Rights


Currently in New Hampshire, the Democratic Party appears determined to restore its disreputable reputation as the one that opposes the preferences of the voters.

Not even two weeks after running a nationwide campaign with the slogan “our freedom is in the vote,” New Hampshire Democrats filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of State to halt ballot tallying and disenfranchise voters.

Election Denying Dems Threaten Us All

Here’s what Secretary of State Dave Scanlan claims occurred during recounting of the congressional election in Hillsborough District 16:

The number of registered voters did not match the first result as 25 votes. Since not every vote was counted, the recount was insufficient. So, he concluded that it’s best to continue.

Democrats Try To Block Voters

This is when the Democrats filed suit. Without that pile of 25 ballots, their candidate would be victorious. However, with those 25 votes, the Republicans could win. New Hampshire Democrats have filed suit to prevent the Secretary of State from tallying all ballots.

Plaintiffs need the court to disempower New Hampshire voters in the guise of ‘final judgment’ and ‘free elections’ in order to prevent an administrative mistake in a recount, this is according to a brief memo directed mainly at Democratic Sen. Donna Soucy, the mastermind in this messy affair.

Superior Court Judge Amy Ignatius concurred immediately that Scanlan’s reasoning was reasonable and authorized the recounting, which is something the Democratic candidate ultimately lost.

Like most onlookers, Gov. Chris Sununu was startled by the Democrats’ conduct. “In an attempt to undermine the wishes of the people,

New Hampshire Democrat leaders engaged in reprehensible, hypocritical, and obscene conduct to impede the counting of all legitimate votes. I applaud @NHSecretary Scanlan and the Court for safeguarding the rights of voters and the legitimacy of our election,” he stated.

Voters in New Hampshire should be similarly shocked. The conduct of the Democrats during this process is illuminating. Never was freedom on the ballot.

The ballot represents democracy, and New Hampshire Democrats like Donna “the Vote Silencer” Soucy wish to prevent you from employing it. In the meantime, our all-Democratic federal assembly has been silent.

What does this mean? Why deprive voters of their right to vote in order to obtain one seat in the 400-member New Hampshire House of Representatives? Three possible reasons exist.

Red Alert: Integrity of the Vote Has Been Compromised

First, Democrats in New Hampshire are indeed this jaded. It is likely that certain Democratic Party politicians might compromise the honesty of our election to fulfill their desire for power. Ultimately, the House’s political composition is incredibly close. But will they genuinely deprive Americans of their Constitutional rights in order to win the Speakership and a handful of political appointments?

Second, Scanlan himself is the main objective. Melanie Levesque, a top adviser for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, declared last week that she might run against Scanlan for Secretary of State, following her second straight loss for senator.