New Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Melts Down at the Podium


Joe Biden is trying to deceive Americans about what’s going on and why. Meanwhile, his new press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, is left holding the bag.

It’s hard to watch, but this is nothing new to anyone who’s been paying attention. The law of gravity forgives no one.

This morning was not the most pleasant for many who have invested their savings in the stock exchange. The Dow Jones opened down nearly 900 points, causing an avalanche in the other markets.

Biden and Jean-Pierre are saying everything is fine. What fantasyland do they live in?

Nobody’s Buying This Fairytale

According to Jean-Pierre, Biden understands Americans who are having a hard time right now, but everything is actually great. Are they even seeing what the rest of us are seeing and experiencing?

It is difficult even for children to believe what they say. There’s a video circulating in which Biden, earlier this year, was bragging about the stock market’s rise at the time.

Now, where’s a video of him explaining the collapse of the economy and saying it’s not a big deal? Don’t worry about it.

While the president plays hide-and-seek at the White House, Jean Pierre is like Alice in Wonderland, living in her own hallucinatory world.

She even went so far as to say the U.S. economy is so extraordinary Americans have more opportunities than ever before.

Lady, gas prices are too high to drive and food cost has gotten to the point that every meal takes a major bite out of the wallet. Wake up and stop lying.

How Can They Still Lie?

The Biden White House has found some highly credentialed economists to crunch numbers in ways that look good. They’re using that to gaslight all the rest of us and tell us to calm down.

When there’s a fall in the stock market, it’s because something in the economy is out of control. The price of food is high, gasoline is becoming a luxury item, the elderly are dealing with shattered retirements, and much worse.

What we’re living in now hasn’t been seen since the Great Recession, and it looks set to get a lot worse.

At that time inflation did not pass 4%. Unlike that time, there was light at the end of the tunnel. The Biden administration has been so unprepared and muddled that it is ruining the American economy.

The days of the Trump economy seem like a distant dream now.

An Embarrassing Spectacle

What are you going to say about a press secretary who needs to read an instruction book to answer media questions?

Jean-Pierre at least shows she can read, because she clearly has no knowledge of the US economy.

If she wants to keep telling fairy tales, perhaps she should go be a kindergarten teacher. The rest of us are living in the real world; we want real answers and solutions, not fairy tales.


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