New ‘What is a Woman?’ Documentary Busts the Far Left Wide Open


Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire is an honest and reasonable man. He’s a Christian conservative who doesn’t hide his views, but is also willing to hear other points of view.

The left hates Walsh because he’s been especially resistant to the cultural changes that have gone on in this country including in the 2SLGBTQIA+ (2-spirited, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, intersex, asexual +) community.

Walsh is just not buying this brave new world of sexual “openness” is a good thing for America and our kids and families.

Now, Walsh has scored a huge hit in the form of his latest Daily Wire documentary entitled “What is a Woman?”

So…What is a Woman?

Walsh is a married dad with kids. In his documentary, he explores the idea that his children may actually be a different gender than what they were born as.

He presents himself in the first half of the film as a regular guy who’s simply confused by all the changing psychobabble about gender.

In order to get a clearer picture, he goes to see a leftist child psychologist who helps kids transition. She tells him that what a kid thinks is true is valid, even though she admits children still think Santa Claus is real.

This disturbing blue-haired woman, who previously worked for Planned Parenthood, sneers and snickers at Walsh’s perfectly logical question about what a woman is.

Her answer makes no sense and is a twisted mess of insane cultural Marxist bullsh*t.

What About Academia?

Walsh also visits a college professor of “gender studies” in Tennessee.

This odd-like pixie-looking “man” goes on hours of diatribes about the difference between biological sex and gender, but insists trans women are biological women, which makes no sense.

He then becomes very offended when Walsh repeats his simple question of “what is a woman?” This question seems like kryptonite, because no matter where Walsh asks it, people seem stunned and offended and refuse to give a simple answer.

The Only Exception

The only exception of outsiders and this question is when Walsh visits Kenya to learn from members of the Masaai tribe.

They laugh their heads off about western ideas of gender “fluidity” and can’t believe Walsh is seriously asking questions like this.

As they explain patiently, a woman is an adult female who can deliver babies and a man is the one who works to provide for her. Anything other than that has no place in their tribe and they’ve never heard of it.

It turns out common sense is actually very common in the 90% of the world which hasn’t been infected by horrific cultural Marxism out of Europe, America’s universities, and social sciences in the 1960s.

Not only does nobody else care about these ideas of people changing gender, they find them instinctively repulsive, insane, and hilarious just like the rest of us do.


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