New York Liberal Governor Bans Guns


In the latest attempt to deprive Americans of their right to possess weapons, the liberal state of New York has successfully tightened existing gun laws.

The Democratic governor of the state, Kathy Hochul, announced the restriction of sales of guns and body armor, while revising the red flag laws of the state.`

Guns Ban in New York Reveal Democrats’ Radical Interests

According to a newly passed package by the Democratic governor, the age to buy rifles has been increased to 21; body armor will only be sold legally to some certain professions, like law enforcement agencies.

These gun regulations come in the aftermath of the Buffalo supermarket shooting by an 18-year-old boy who used an AR-15 lookalike rifle in a racist shooting.

Speaking at a press conference, Hochul asserted the state is taking this measure to keep guns out of the hands of “dangerous people.”

Likewise, she noted it is time to move on to an America where no individual can buy semi-automatic rifles on their 18th birthday.

Similarly, the red flag laws will empower courts to take back guns from people on various grounds. Not only this, but the state will also be able to do microstamping for new firearms, which will help the police trace weapons used in crimes.

Though the new policy signed by Hochul is not limited to guns only. Instead, it will force social media platforms to devise a “clear” strategy regarding any “hateful conduct” on their platform in case of gun violence.

This is due to the fact the Buffalo mass shooter allegedly live-streamed the shooting on Twitch. He even discussed his plans on a private server of Discord before conducting the shooting.

Gun Laws of New York were Already Chronically Strained

New York was one of those states which already established chronic gun control laws in the country after the 2013 shooting in Connecticut.

However, liberal leaders still claimed numerous times the gun laws of the state had significant loopholes that needed to be addressed.

This Buffalo shooting gave leftist elements to propagate their message, thus pressuring the governor to sign the regulation.

The governor also urged the leaders of other states to act along the same lines and snatch Americans’ rights. She noted “action” and not “prayers” would help the country get rid of gun violence.

Under the new red flag laws of the state, health professionals will also be able to launch complaints regarding their patients, which could lead law enforcement to confiscate their weapons.

Democratic leadership of the state is also ready to see the law getting challenged in courts. According to the attorney general of the state, Tish James, the state is “ready” to face the court for any lawsuit.

These comments of the attorney general come at a time when the Supreme Court is already aiming to overturn gun regulations in New York to increase access to weapons.


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