Ocasio-Cortez Rejects Biden For 2024


When asked on Sunday, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) declined to back Joe Biden for the presidency in 2024. 

Instead, the progressive lawmaker chose to shift her focus to the midterm elections in 2022 and the efforts being made by Democrats to keep control of Congress. 

Focused on the Majority

Ocasio-Cortez recently gave an interview to CNN’s Dana Bash, in which she stated, “I’m focused on gaining this majority right now.”

“When we reach 2024, we’ll figure out how to get across the bridge.” 

Ocasio-Cortez diverted attention to the future when she was questioned further about her response, which did not contain the word “yes.”

“When we reach that point, I believe we should endorse him. I think the president has been doing a fantastic job so far. If he runs for reelection, you know, we’ll have a look at it,” she said.

Previously, the main issue had been about Ocasio-Cortez’s decision to back New York state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi in her campaign to unseat incumbent Democratic Representative Sean Maloney of New York’s 18th Congressional District. 

According to Ocasio-Cortez, the endorsement was given to Biaggi because of his potential to “excite the Democratic base” and assist in the participation of young people, as well as a “multi-class, multiracial coalition.” 


Ocasio-Cortez was asked what sort of claim she was trying to make with her rejection of Maloney, who drives the Democratic Congressional Campaign panel.

She mentioned her desire to see a “generational change” in Congress and more millennials elected into office. Maloney is the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. 

Ocasio-Cortez’s endorsement of Joe Biden for president in the 2020 election cycle was just as questionable. 

Polls and Age

The New York representative announced she would vote for Biden, even though she had not backed him, in April 2020.

Before Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) withdrew from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Ocasio-Cortez offered her support for Sanders as a candidate. 

This response came just one day after a report in the New York Times suggested many Democrats are also undecided about whether or not they will support Biden if he decides to run for office again. 

AOC’s answer is also non-committal. Many Democratic leaders and voters are concerned about Biden’s approval ratings, which fell below 40 percent earlier last week.

Democrats are also worried because Biden will be 82 years old by the end of his first term, which could be a burden in a re-election campaign.

In the meantime, Biden has given both public and private indications that he is considering a run for the presidency once more. 

The information that Biden intends to run for president was initially sent to former President Obama, according to a source in April.

During last week’s episode of “Fox News Sunday,” Senator Chris Coons of Delaware stated, “As of today, it is my belief the president is pursuing a second term.”


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