Pennsylvania Senate Race Humiliates Trump


One of the biggest disappointments of yesterday’s midterm elections results came in the state of Pennsylvania, where lieutenant governor John Fetterman defeated Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Fetterman will represent the Keystone State in the US Senate and his beatdown of Trump-backed Oz is a definite humiliation.

Fetterman, who suffered a stroke earlier this year and had serious speech and memory issues on the campaign trail, still managed to defeat Oz.

Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano also fell to Democrat Josh Shapiro in the race for PA Governor.

Fetterman ‘Humbled,’ Trump Humiliated

Fetterman said he was “humbled” by his big win and promised not to let the people of Pennsylvania down.

As for Trump, there’s no doubt he’s been humiliated in Pennsylvania and many other races.

In an interview the former POTUS said that anyone who wins owes it to him and anyone who loses is not his problem. This is nonsense: if you’re going to back a brand you don’t only take the wins, you also take the losses.

Fetterman is basically a vegetable, but through the efforts of his wife and getting the right interest groups lined up to vote in Philadelphia and other Democrat strongholds, he managed to completely crush Dr. Oz.

Fetterman will replace outgoing Senator Pat Toomey who is going into retirement, turning the Senate a bit bluer and shifting even more power away from the GOP.

With 94% of polls reporting, Fetterman took Pennsylvania with 50.3% to Oz’s 47.3%.

Where’s the Red Wave?

The red wave that we were thinking would come has not materialized. As races are officialized it looks more and more like a split of power or even the Democrats retaining a majority.

Pennsylvania is the perfect example, because despite his early positive numbers, Fetterman was really suffering in the polls. By the summer it looked like Oz had this one in the bag, but that’s not how it turned out.

Oz and Fetterman went up against each other hard on the campaign trail, with Oz mocking him as an invalid who should take “yoga” and try to recover his health instead of running for Senate.

The debate on Oct. 25 didn’t really reassure voters and Fetterman definitely had issues speaking and understanding things.

But it made no real difference and he won this race quite easily, also capturing around 80% of the youth vote.

Fetterman accused Oz of being a fake and a profiteer who was power hungry and said Oz had relocated his official residence from the Garden State in New Jersey to Pennsylvania just to try to nab a Senate seat.

At least for now, Oz will remain as a cardiac surgeon and won’t be headed to the Senate, while critics will point out that Trump backed the wrong guy, as he also did with Mastriano.

The Bottom Line

Trump’s candidate lost and Fetterman will be the next Senator from Pennsylvania.