Putin Promises New Ukraine Targets If US Provides Long-Range Weaponry


If the U.S. were to supply Kyiv with long-range missiles, that’d give Ukrainians the power to strike targets inside Russia.

In light of this, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a warning that his military might look to strike new targets in Ukraine.

Threats and Concerns

In an interview broadcast on Russian state television on Sunday, Vladimir Putin was quoted as saying the following:

“If they are provided, we will draw a reasonable conclusion from this and utilize our armaments, of which we have sufficient to strike at those infrastructures we are not targeting yet.”

The statement is based on reports from Russian state media. 


The HIMARS, or High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, are manufactured by Lockheed Martin.

They will be provided to the Ukrainian government as part of the most recent package of military assistance. This was disclosed by the administration of President Biden the previous week. 

During the announcement, Biden made a point to emphasize unequivocally that “we are not encouraging or permitting Ukraine to strike beyond its boundaries.” 

Biden commented that the United States will not attempt to bring about political change in Russia “so long as the US or our friends are not attacked.”

“We will not be involved directly in this dispute, either by posting American soldiers to attack in Ukraine or by targeting Russian forces,” the president said.

“Both of these options are off the table.” 

The United Kingdom

British Minister of Defense, Ben Wallace, made the announcement over the weekend that the U.K. will be providing Ukraine with multiple-launch rocket systems that are analogous to the HIMARS. 

The British Ministry of Defense said in a declaration that the state-of-the-art M270 missile system, which can hit targets up to 50 miles away with pinpoint precision, will offer a substantial boost in functionality for the Ukrainian forces.

“Ukrainian troops will be taught in the United Kingdom how to utilize the launchers so they can make the most of the effectiveness of the systems.” 

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is mostly taking place in the eastern portion of the nation. Nevertheless, on Sunday, Russia fired five missiles in the direction of Kyiv; this was the first time in weeks that Russia had done so. 

The war has just barely reached the 100-day mark, but Russian barbarism has been on display from the very beginning of the conflict.

In Bucha, mass graves, including women and children, were discovered. Then, in  Mariupol, the Russian military bombed an auditorium that was being used as both a shelter and a maternity facility at the time. 

The fact that Putin is willing to attack civilian infrastructure, as well as humans, raises questions about what other targets he might be interested in attacking.


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