Putin Resorts to Pulling Fat General Out of Retirement in Ukraine War Desperation


Russia’s bloodthirsty dictator, Vladimir Putin, seems to be running desperate on options in his nauseating, highly botched war in Ukraine.

He’s pulled out of retirement a morbidly fat general with a reputation of brutality and corruption to replace his current supreme commander.

The current commander was also known for brutality and corruption, but was at least substantially fitter.

Swilling One Liter of Vodka Per Day

Putin’s new commander of his troops in Ukraine – 67-year-old Gen. Pavel – is said to weigh about 300 pounds, according to a report by The Daily Star.

He’s been living in a “comfortable retirement” near Moscow where he would have five meals a day and pound one liter of vodka on a daily basis.

The shocking obese Russian Gen. Pavel is a veteran of the former Communist Soviet Union’s failed war in Afghanistan in the 1980s. He served in Russia’s special forces for 40 years.

Reports claim as Gen. Pavel came back to active duty, he had to have new uniforms specially made to fit his obese body; also, he was given two sets of body armor to make sure his bulky form is protected.

Putin is now apparently “scraping the barrel” as most of his “best senior commanders” have been either killed or injured in his disastrous war in Ukraine.



(Social media footage snapshot shows Russian Gen. Serdyukov who was wounded in a Ukrainian artillery strike)

Butcher General Removed For ‘Being a Drunk’

The same British intelligence official described the Russian dictator as a “mafia boss.” Retired commanders are practically unable to say “no” to him when he summons them to fight in Ukraine.

The Putin regime has just removed Gen. Alexander Dvornikov, known as the Butcher of Syria.

Dvornikov, however, is believed to have failed to achieve satisfactory results in Ukraine. He was demoted for “being a drunk” and lacking the trust of his officers.

Besides him, another senior commander recently scrapped by Putin is Andrey Serdykov, the head of the now-devastated Russian airborne troops known as the VDV.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine turned into a real bloodbath for its once much-dreaded military. The latest estimate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense claims, as of Sunday morning, more than 34,850 Russian soldiers have been killed in combat.

However, overall Russian losses could be twice higher, of up to 70,000 killed. This comes when counting in the losses of Putin’s private armies.

These armies are the Wagner Group, losses of the Russian National Guard (Rosgravdia), and vast casualties of the poorly trained ethnic Russian conscripts from those parts of the Donbas region occupied by Moscow during Putin’s first invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

Russia’s loss of military equipment is equally striking. It’s had almost 10,000 units destroyed by the defenders of Ukraine, including 1,532 main battle tanks (a whopping 21 tanks destroyed on Saturday alone), along with much more.


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