Putin’s Russia Humiliates Itself By Sinking Own Warship in New Ukraine Defeat

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The embattled, highly ridiculed Russian Navy inflicted a new humiliation upon itself after it sunk one of its own naval vessels by mistake.

Ridiculous Russian Friendly Fire Incident

The latest shocker from the Russian Navy came after one of its valuable landing ships hit a sea mine that Russians themselves placed earlier in the port of Mariupol and in the Sea of Azov.

Landing craft D-106 of the Russian Black Sea Fleet exploded and sank. This was after it came across a Russian sea mine, according to a report by the Telegram messaging app channel close to the Russian Navy, as cited by The Daily Mail.

The report claims even though the ship itself sank in the “friendly fire” incident, its entire crew survived.

Sergey Bratchuk, a spokesman for Ukraine’s military in the Black Sea city of Odesa, announced on Sunday that Ukraine is now able to confirm the D-106 sank after it stumbled upon a Russian sea mine.

According to Bratchuk, the incident in the port of Mariupol occurred on June 30, last Thursday; it didn’t go without casualties, as three Russian sailors perished.

The D-106 landing craft is of Russia’s 1176 Akula (“Shark”) class ships, roughly similar to the Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM) of the US Navy.

The ship type in question is more than 80 feet long. It has a range of almost 600 miles and is capable of carrying 20 assault troopers, or one main battle tank.

The latest naval humiliation of the Russians occurred on the same day as the abandonment by Russia of the tiny, strategically located Snake Island in the Black Sea.

Even though, at first, Putin was happy for seizing the island, Ukrainians used drones and missiles to destroy a large amount of Russian military equipment and soldiers.

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15 Russian Warships Destroyed So Far

A total of 15 Russian naval vessels have been destroyed, sunk, or badly damaged by Ukrainians – or by the Russians, as is now the case – since the start of Putin’s ridiculously botched invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Back then, Putin sent 200,000 troops to invade Ukraine from the north, east, and south, plus the Russian Black Sea navy. This was supposed to bring troops and tanks for a landing in the southeast, at the critically important city of Odessa.

Russians, however, never managed to even set in motion their landing plans since Ukrainians managed to repel them from afar.

As of Sunday morning, after 128 days of fighting, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, apart from the 15 naval vessels of various types, Russians have lost in combat more than 10,000 units of military hardware.

Besides that, the Russian military lost at least 36,000 troops killed in battle; although when mercenaries, proxies, and auxiliaries are counted in, the number surpasses 70,000.

The most impressive Russian naval defeat in the war against Ukraine so far was on April 14. Here, Ukrainians managed to strike and sink the Moskva (Moscow), a missile cruiser, the flagship and the most powerful vessel in the Russian Black Sea fleet.


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