Radical Politics Makes the Existence of National School Boards Questionable


The National School Boards Association (NSBA) is falling apart, due to its politically motivated decision to compare parents to domestic terrorists.

Wisconsin School Board Association (WSBA) has just become the latest board to cut its ties with NSBA, making the entity even more irrelevant.

National School Board Facing Consequences of Its Radical Letter

Last September, the NSBA wrote a letter to the Department of Justice, urging the department to launch federal investigations against parents who protest in school board meetings.

The letter mentioned parents should be investigated under the “Patriot Act” and their actions should be considered “domestic terrorism.” As the letter triggered public backlash nationwide, the NSBA apologized later on.

In its cover-up statement, NASB stated the disclosed letter was not approved within the organization and its board of directors did not see the full text before release.

Now, the latest reports are indicating the draft of the NSBA letter was written in an even more dangerous tone.

Reportedly, the draft letter was supposed to ask the administration to deploy the Army National Guard and military in school board meetings to shut up parents who dare to speak for the rights of their children.

While announcing its withdrawal, the WASB noted NASB’s decisions were highly partisan in nature; it harmed the relationship between different school boards.

Likewise, the WASB established more than half of school boards nationwide distanced themselves from NASB after its controversial letter.

After WASB’s withdrawal decision, a nonprofit organization, Moms for Profit, asked how NASB could operate at a time when it is not trusted by over half the states now.

Democrats’ Attempt to Call Parents Domestic Terrorists Backfired

Many other educational activists raised their concerns about NASB’s mandate after the WASB decision.

The national director of research for the American Federation for Children, Cory DeAngelis, asserted NASB should remove the term “National” from its name and replace it with “Semi-National,” as most of the states have now disconnected from them.

DeAngelis further added that kids belong to parents and not the government; parents will never surrender their authority to teach their children, as per the NASB’s wishes.

The implosion of the NASB also suggests the actual power to regulate any entity lies in the hands of the parents, who can make or break any school board, DeAngelis concluded.

Likewise, the president of the Parents Defending Education, Nicole Neily, spoke along the same lines, but he suggested the NASB’s disenfranchisement will not solve the “underlying problem.”

He claimed different new organizations will now be created instead of NASB, which will also work on political lines by ignoring parental concerns.

The Biden administration started turning against parents when they talked against his policies regarding COVID-19 compulsions.

Not only this, but parents also raised their concerns regarding critical race theory that the Biden administration tried to impose on students nationwide.

As parents spoke against these measures, NASB became increasingly assertive in denouncing parents and calling the federal government to curb freedom of speech using force.


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