Radical Protests Continue Against Supreme Court Justices


Pro-choice activists gathered outside the house of conservative Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett over the weekend.

They did this in fake blood-soaked pants and carrying baby dolls with tied-up hands to protest against abortion.

Protestors, which included minor girls, claimed Supreme court justices are forcing children to give birth.

Blood-Soaked Pro-Choice Girls Protest Outside Supreme Court Justice’s House

As pro-abortion protesters marched towards Amy Coney Barrett’s house in Falls Church, Virginia, they held posters with varying radical signs. 

One such poster had a coat hanger symbol on it, which is used to depict women’s suffering when abortion is made out of reach.

Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights, a far-left group, sponsored the protests. The group pushes many pro-choice slogans, including “forced motherhood = female enslavement.” 

A protester named Ariana, 15, said in a viral video that their outfits and condition depict the type of America that Justice Amy Coney Barrett wants.

She further stated reducing abortion access will “invalidate” and “silence” women. Ariana yelled if abortion access is restricted, it will make women lesser in society, which is “not fair.”

While posting the video of the protests on their Twitter account, the group stated it is mobilizing the pro-choice majority to “stop” the Supreme Court from restricting abortion access.

They also stated women are not “incubators,” so they must not be treated as such. The top court is likely to announce the verdict in Roe vs. Wade case soon. It has not disclosed the exact date yet.

Although the protests intensified outside the houses of Supreme Court justices, most American believe these demonstrations are not justified.

According to a Fox News poll, only 37% of Americans claimed it is appropriate to protest outside judges’ homes.

Abortion Politics Are Going Violent

Though still, these protests are expected to increase once the Supreme Court announces its final verdict in the high-profile case.

Jane’s revenge, a far-left militant organization that aims to promote abortion using force, is also mobilizing protesters in big numbers.

This group previously issued warnings of domestic terrorism in the United States to protect abortion rights.

Many other organizations, which were impressed by Jane’s Revenge, have already accepted the responsibility for attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers in the country.

In their letter last week, members of Jane’s Revenge noted they would “never stop” or “slow down” their pro-abortion activities. 

The members also wrote they “find joy and courage” in attacking pro-life centers, which are defended by “violent institutions.”

As the members claimed responsibility for various attacks, including in Portland, Oregon and Washington State, faith leaders called the Department of Justice to investigate the matter. 

So, CatholicVote, a nonprofit advocacy group, wrote a letter to the DOJ to “publicly condemn” these attacks of the far-left militant organization and take conclusive action against them.


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