Republican Candidate Calls for ARMED REVOLT


Left wing journalist Matt Taibbi has been shunned by many of his colleagues over the past few years.

The reason is that Taibbi actually cares what’s true and never bought into the Russiagate hoax or the over-the-top nonsense calling Trump a dictator and a fascist.

Instead, Taibbi has been doing actual journalism. And on Friday he broke one of the most important stories of the past decade, exposing Twitter for censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story and interfering directly in the 2020 election.

The internet lit on fire and anger was palpable, with many no longer trusting the American democratic system. One GOP candidate and military veteran, however, went a step further.

‘Only Bullets Now’

After Musk tweeted out the link from Taibbi exposing Twitter, former Minnesota Congressional candidate and military veteran Shukri Abdirahman reacted very angrily.

Having served in Iraq during classified black ops and put her life on the line for America, Abdirahman has little patience for sunshine patriots.

Being a candidate in Ilhan Omar’s 5th district in Minnesota put her up against one of the worst anti-Americans, and as a fellow Somalian refugee, Abdirahman pleasantly surprised many conservatives by showing just how loyal and patriotic she was, unlike Omar.

But in response to the Hunter Biden laptop leak, Abdirahman let loose, saying she was sick of traitors leading the country and burying the truth.

In another tweet she said that no voting or democratic process would save the country and it was “only bullets now” that can stop tyranny.

The tweet was removed for violating Twitter’s Terms of Service.

‘I’m Done’

In another tweet, Abdirahman said she’s “done” with loyalty to the US federal government who she called “Nazis.” She also said she’s sick to know that many of her compatriots and fellow veterans died for the tyrants in charge of the US at this time.

Further tweets said that the US now has “neither” fair elections or any reason to trust the outcome of elections and called the burying of the Hunter laptop story by Twitter “treason.”

According to Abdirahman, the “real insurrection” happened by “our own f—ing government” and is shown by how they stole the 2020 election through censoring the laptop story.

She also tweeted out a warning that Elon Musk isn’t “suicidal” to Hillary Clinton, playing on an old theme about the Clintons offing their political enemies and opponents of the Democrat party.

How Key Are These Twitter Files?

The Twitter files don’t exactly show anything all that surprising. They just show what we already strongly suspected which is that leftist fanatics inside the company leaned on Twitter to censor bad information about Hunter.

The fact that there isn’t more direct proof of Biden’s involvement at this time makes the revelations underwhelming.

But the reaction is still likely to continue to mount as the full villainy of the left is exposed.