Republican Champion Ron DeSantis Is The Target Of Trump’s Ire


Donald Trump claims he’s not dissatisfied with the outcome of the midterm elections, but as news on that fell, he flipped back and behaved in an odd manner.

The former president has now issued a long statement leveling criticisms against Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis is one of the biggest winners of the midterms and a champion of the GOP. Why is Trump attacking him?

Worried About His Candidacy

Trump’s argument takes a 180-degree reversal as he implies that he is the sole reason DeSantis is the governor.

A few things to note in this regard. First, although Trump is planning to discuss his intentions for the presidential race in 2024 on the following Tuesday, he has effectively confirmed his candidacy with this announcement.

It shouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone that this is the case, but the fact that he is undermining his own announcement does indicate that he is quite irritated.

And, once again, this comes only hours after Trump refuted claims that he was angry about the midterm elections, but here he is slamming DeSantis and NewsCorp for declaring DeSantis a significant winner on Tuesday night.

In Florida earlier, there was a landslide victory in the election. It was the sole area in the nation in which the red wave transpired in the manner that was anticipated.

The victory margin for DeSantis was 19 points, and the Republican Party expanded its hold on supermajorities in both the Florida House and Senate.

Why on earth wouldn’t that make Donald Trump happy?

Trump’s Ego is Hurting

There is no need to speculate on a possible response. Simply read what he had to say. It irritates him that the media is glorifying DeSantis, and it irritates him even more that DeSantis hasn’t committed to immediately withdraw from the race for president in 2024 if he decides to run for that office.

Therefore, two days after the election, he is attacking the candidate who was the most convincing victor for the GOP, and he is threatening to bar him from running again in 2024.

DeSantis Over Trump?

Polls indicate that Trump has a substantial lead among Republican primary voters in Florida, despite the fact that his advantage against DeSantis has been narrowing even before Tuesday’s primary election.

A new poll conducted by Morning Consult finds that support between Republican primary voters for a presidential campaign by former President Donald Trump in 2024 has decreased by nine basis points since August, while the popularity of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has increased.

This comes as many Republicans are placing blame on Trump and questioning his presidential run after a “red wave” did not come to fruition in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

(Ron DeSantis Twitter profile)

According to the results of a poll that was conducted from November 2-7, before the midterm elections on Tuesday, it was found that 48% of prospective GOP primary voters would endorse Trump if the primary elections were held today, compared to 26% who would back DeSantis and 26% who desire to vote for another candidate.

Now, let’s watch and see what develops.

Even over the course of the next two weeks, a lot of things could shift. Nobody anticipates a prompt response from DeSantis, but in the meanwhile, quick reactions to Trump’s statement from a wide variety of opinions are to be anticipated.