Republicans Clout Democrats Just Before Midterms

The welcoming of President Joe Biden to the suburbs of Seattle for a lecture on healthcare in April was described by Rep. Kim Schrier as an “honor.”

The Numbers

Jesse Jensen, an Army veteran and one of Schrier’s GOP rivals, remarked that when he first saw the advertisement, he “actually laughed out loud.”

“She is pretending to be this independent and free spirit who is opposing the government because she has kept looking at some polls and understood how unpopular he is.”

“Throughout the entire process, she has acted as his personal rubber stamp.”

In at least 30 fiercely contested districts, Democrats were already in the backfield with just four months until the November elections.

The GOP is now more optimistic about aggressively challenging a new batch of a dozen seats that Trump won in 2020 by nine points or more, from Rhode Island to California’s Central Valley to the suburbs of Arizona’s capital.

This is because of Biden’s toxicity.

As a result, Democrats now find themselves in a difficult position on the House map. The president is down by double-digit margins in 11 of the districts he won, according to survey data that Politico received.

One glaring illustration: In a June poll conducted by the National Republican Congressional Committee for the district held by Rep. Susan Wild (D-Pa.), Biden’s approval rating was reversed by 32 points.

Rep. Susie Lee stated, “Obviously, as you understand, the top of the ballot affects congressional elections, so it’s not something I’m unaware of.”

According to research from her Republican candidate and the House GOP campaign arm, the president’s disapproval rating in her Southern Nevada district is 20 points higher than his approval numbers.

In the previous election, Biden won it by seven points.

Voters, according to Lee, “are frustrated.”

She continued without offering her own criticism:

“They are definitely turning to the leader to lay some blame on him. However, people need to be reminded that we have been making a lot of effort to address the issue.

Democrats maintain the performance of Biden alone won’t decide the fate of their contenders, some of whom have established their own personalities.

However, many people secretly groan at the polls, while still holding out hope that the terrible news has peaked.

They feel they can gain ground, despite people’s outrage at the overturning of Roe v. Wade, especially in the suburbs.

The majority of the district-level polls that are now available were done before the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion; though it is uncertain how or if that decision would affect Biden’s favor.

Tim Persico, the executive director of the House Democrats’ campaign arm, said in a statement: “Prior to the unfortunate Dobbs decision, frontline Democrats routinely fared ahead of the generic ballot. They remain untethered to President Biden’s favorable rating.”


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