Ron DeSantis Announces Border Reforms to Clean Biden’s Mess


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took heroic steps to counter the rising problems, due to the Biden border crisis.

With his latest measures, human trafficking into the United States through the southern border will be reduced significantly.

Florida Governor Tries to Undo Biden’s Damage

Speaking about the border reforms, DeSantis noted the “reckless” policies of the incumbent administration have made human trafficking possible in America.

The governor announced he wanted to introduce highly targeted steps to curb the existing inhumane practices in the country.

In order to tackle human trafficking and smuggling, DeSantis formed a strike force which will also monitor illegal weapons coming into Florida through the southern border.

According to a press release, this strike force will be made in collaboration with local and state law enforcement agencies.

In the last three days, different law enforcement agencies caught five “illegal aliens” in Honduras and two from El Salvador, which justifies the formation of the task force, per the release.

Not only this, but four grams of fentanyl, which can kill as many as 2,000 Floridians, was also taken into custody.

In addition to this, the governor also wants the Florida Supreme Court to intervene in the prevailing human trafficking. Thus, he plans on filing a petition in the Supreme Court, requesting them to examine human trafficking with the help of lower courts.

The press release mentioned the prominent international human smuggling networks would be dismantled using this approach, which would also bring peace to Florida.

DeSantis also wants to stop the Biden administration from integrating illegal immigrants into American communities.

For this purpose, the governor signed sweeping legislation that will stop all government entities from making any contract with transportation carriers to bring illegal immigrants into the United States.

However, the companies can still make contracts to remove these illegal people from Florida, the press release established.

Nationwide Officials Praised DeSantis for Border Reforms

Other GOP leadership also appreciated much-needed measures taken by the conservative governor on Friday. 

Florida state Senator Aaron Bean asserted DeSantis is cleaning Biden’s mess. So, Bean claimed he was proud to sponsor the legislation which would prohibit the federal government from transporting illegal immigrants into the United States.

Similarly, Congressman John Synder noted DeSantis managed to establish the rule of law in the state at a time when Biden is trying hard to disturb it.

The Director of the Florida Highway Patrol, Colonel Gene S. Spaulding, also stated the government did an excellent job in keeping illegal people out of the state. 

He furthermore acknowledged the contribution of the state legislature for passing the bill and the law enforcement agencies for their efforts to keep the state safe.

Since Biden’s open border policies, the bordering state of the country has been living a nightmare, due to the continuous influx of illegal immigrants.

The situation is likely to worsen in the foreseeable future if a caravan, currently stuck in Mexico, manages to reach the US.


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